We have feelings. We have emotions. Today in Major league Baseball.


Have feelings. We have emotions. Today in Major league Baseball. We saw another case of players having their voices heard. As the Athletics and the Astros. They decided not to play. They did what the Mets and Marlins did yesterday. They paused. And and he decided to go ahead and drape a T shirt. Black lives matter T shirt over home plate and they walked off. And I think it's ah, it's a solid reminder. Of humanity and that players are human. And they are people. When you look at the significance of today in Major League Baseball, today is the day That Major league baseball six and time to honor Jackie Robinson. And if you're not familiar, I would hope and figure you are That Back on April 15th and we didn't have that day this year because of the pandemic in the delay in the start of the baseball season, But on April 15th in 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. He was the first black man the first African Americans who play in major League baseball in 63 years. Last time a player played in the league was 18 84. That was Moses Fleetwood Walker and his brother. Well, d. I mean, even the Red Sox. Unfortunately, Dated and add a black player until 1959. For some of you. That may seem like yesterday for some of you. That may seem like a long time ago, but it most certainly isn't And so in about 15 minutes matter fact sooner than that, we're going to chat it up with Bob Kendrick. He's the president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City. If you're in Kansas City if you're in the Midwest, if you're a baseball fan I encourage you to go and check it out just as much as you. You might go ahead and check out Cooperstown. And there's ah lot of history of the game and at the museum, and so Jackie Robinson, you want to talk about somebody being human. He was exemplary. Of of the best of what we can all be. Strong. But then also resilient. And he embodies what a lot of African Americans have had to endure and deal with for centuries and for something that you might have thought was done to be spat upon to be cursed and Even worse. You see Nowadays, folks, unfortunately shot and killed. Jackie Robinson and how he carried himself. More importantly, his his resilience and his strength is admirable. I don't understand it and a lot of times it gets lost that Jackie Robinson wasn't just the guy to break the color barrier. Jackie Robinson. Was one of the best baseball players ever. Unfortunately, he died too soon at the age of 53. Rookie of the year. M v P, helping the Dodgers win a title.

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