Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin on college football in a pandemic


Really looking forward to this next guest. He's Lane Kiffin head coach at Ole Miss and coach Kiffin joining us from campus as. The rebels still have a little bit of time to coach. How's it going? Good afternoon great. I'm really looking forward to the interview to all on the same page well. Okay You promised me the other day you tape the coaches meeting last Thursday morning, and you're going to play it for us with all the descent going on. So can you just hit the play button and we'll all sit back and listen. I don't think that the commissioner be very happy about that. Paul. It was interesting call. Well, we we've been reading about it and and I know you pretty well, I doubt that. You were one of those complaining, but I would imagine you. You've been part of this league twice now What's it like? Being reunited with all your esteemed colleagues. Well, it's interesting I. Didn't realize until that first SEC meeting that we had in Birmingham this time around and I believe if I'm right coach saving, myself were the only ones. Were the only ones in the meeting that were there in whatever two, thousand nine in Tennessee won the day I took the job. So I just saw today and I realize you're your coaching football you're not in charge of the stadium, but I thought governor a few minutes ago in Mississippi governor reads announced that there would be I think twenty percent capacity that's not the big news. The big news is no tailgating. The I know that doesn't affect you as a coach, but it does affect the fans does it not? Yeah it does but you know it is what it is and You know good decision you know based off of social distancing issues in the spread. So a lot of decisions are being made like that that you know people aren't happy with, but you know people really for the most part following protocol with Corona and everyone's talking about the students. But you know I drive through downtown. I, see pictures on the Internet you know most aren't falling either so that makes it really difficult to open up the grow. Yeah I it is a big deal but know Miss Missile one season coach I on on the the more important issues of football team back we talked to you some time ago and that was before voluntary workout had had commenced how how's it feel now and what are you seeing and sensing? From your football team. What are excited to be back? We've had three practices and you know. They're always excited this time of year, but you know to have it taken away from them from Spring and then potentially not playing all at one point You can see how excited they are to be around, and so like I've said before challenges not motivating them, they're plenty motivated the challenges them having disciplined away from here. So we can stop the spread because really at the end of the day, everybody wants to lift weights. Every wants to practice run sprints and learn offense defense but. Probably the teams are win. The most games are the ones that have the least players out for the Games because of Cronin 'cause they manages well. Yeah in on that front What are you doing I mean I realize the season's five weeks away but will there be a set of protocols and precautions not not the normal safety but just to make sure that your own units don't infect each other and you're you're left going playing Alabama at home or another key game without. Critical people I know you can't avoid it, but you can also try to keep them separated to some degree or can you? Yeah, we can. You know I'm not worried about when they're here I, mean we we've got you know team meetings that we have out in indoor facility. You know with everybody spaced out and their instead of the team room you know we split our special teams means you know so we never have everybody together and so I'm not worried when they're here. You know they do a good job and we make them. You know it's it's when they're away from here and then they go into an environment of the college environment and they look around and no one's doing it. So you know it's it's difficult for a young kid. Either looted do it a couple times and I realized there's only so much coach can say but how? What means are you employing to try to drill that into their head or do they already know it and you just have to let them do whatever they they think is right. Now I mean when we talk about it all the time, Paul and you know the biggest point them. You may not feel like you matter because you're redshirt your fourteen. But you don't you don't do this right you know and you you can infect to starter. So. Or senior that you know loses part of their season or towards loses the end of their senior year. So you know it's really a big challenge. Have you sought at all because we always when we get the schedules which we did the other night you you tend to look at, Road Games home games and man this school has an advantage here or there but nobody really knows do they when you go when you go on the road and there's fifteen sixteen, seventeen, thousand people, it's not going to be the same road environment and I know you won't know until you get there but I'm just curious if someone who is coach at a lot of different places and a lot of really tough environments, what are your thoughts? Well, it's GonNa be completely different. You know definitely won't need silent count that's for sure so. We'll be in Tiger stadium into the season and you know we'll be able to to. To yell the audibles to the quarterback on the five yard line. So you know it it'll be very different I think kind of almost be eerie as you play you know for the players you know like. Lap for the SEC this would be less than a spring game. You know attendance so. it'll be very strange.

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