MORNING MESSAGE | Its a Privilege

On The Verge


What an extraordinary privilege it has to be alive in this moment. It is almost overwhelming. How carefully we have been chosen. To be awake and alive right now. I sit with you today my friend in Valley Forge Park where I am most mornings for a walk. Where I find so much inspiration from the natural world. The Woods in the grass and the birds. And it just struck me today. and. It has in the past but I don't think I've been able to verbalize it what a privilege. It is to be experiencing this massive massive change. In Our world. And the amazing thing is it's not just one of us. It is all of us. All of us are being stirred awake. All of us are being disrupted. Every single one of us. Has Been inconvenienced in. Some way. Of course, more some more than others. But in some way, inconvenienced world's changed routines completely thrown out. Own My. Gosh. And so I as I sit with this almost too big. Too Big a statement to really. Hold in my little being. As I, sit with this, I just. I. Just. I'm compelled. To. Commit myself. To not wasting time looking backward. To not wasting my time trying to make things the way they were. But to allow myself. To step forward. Step by step. On new ground. In. New Territory. In uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Realms of being. How you. Now, this may be like Cara. You're just a little too out there. And I know that sometimes I go. And I mean not make sense. But I, I have a feeling. That, if it's my soul speaking to me. I'm able to speak it then perhaps it will speak to your soul. Beneath Your Thinking right now. So, there it is. May We not look backwards? May We recognize the privilege of being alive right now. Maybe, we just hold that. For, whatever it means in this moment, put it in your pocket. and carry it with you into your day. And perhaps it'll. Whisper to you and your ear and make sense to you at some point today tomorrow next week next year. It's a privilege for to be experiencing the massive disruption of our collective consciousness if we hold on too tight to the way things were. We may miss the opportunity to express ourselves in our own unique way. Right now. And that expression comes through in an infinite number of ways. I can't tell you what your expression is. It could be just the way you drive your car and I seriously mean. To teach others how to be more mindful. It could be in the way that you that you. Run a meeting, it could be in the way that you care for your child. We each of us have a unique. Divine expression. A creative intelligence. That is just Poking at the. Door. and. So in this time at this time in this moment. Can you just sit with that and trust? Your expression is ready. It's ready to come out and if you been doing it, it's ready to come out even more even more boldly uniquely. Even more spontaneously as I spoke of yesterday. So recognized the privilege. The profound -ness of what we are living through. Check it out if you continue to turn backward. And try to put things in order the way they used to be there's no order. Allow yourself the freedom. And step into your courage. To Walk. Into the unknown uncertain unfamiliar. Territory.

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