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Kate How's life? Dory. Will first of all today in the New York Times Crossword? Yes. As now as now I'm an expert doing, Oh, I know what you're. GonNa say go on and I woke I woke up this morning to texts from a listener that was just like I can't wait for you to see the New York Times crossword like thirty two across and I was like, oh Six thirty in the morning, I'm like frantically getting onto the New York Times crossword thing. And it says. Skin care product and I was like Oh my God what and so it was five letters and so I just wrote in serum but then it turns out that was wrong. It was not serum but it was one of my other favorite products toner I know. I was GONNA say spoiler but I know sorry too late every it hustle away I mean whatever I also was like, ooh, maybe it's serum. But Alas. I mean, I even was self absorbed enough to think maybe the person who wrote this listens to the podcast and this is like a super secret Easter Egg. Listen, I had like the you are a writer. New York Times crosswords. Send us a smoke signal in across shorts will shortz if you're out there hydrating. Face. Hit US. Doesn't do all the players Mahjong themed crossword not too long ago. A really yeah. Did you feel like that was assigned to you the yes? Definitely. was made for me. I'm gene okay. I survived or my family made it through the first day of one hundred percent distance learning at home. You know shoutout teachers shut up parents and Guardians shutout school administrators everyone who works at schools I mean just shout out to everybody. But so great. Because We did it and They had a really good day. And I mentioning it because I went to trader Joe's for the first time in approximately six months Ah-ha. I hadn't been to TJ's like TJ's near me. All the teachers are tiny, but a new one opened up. Who never experienced new TJ's before. But I was like I'm doing it. I'm going to trader Joe's. I use the excuse that we needed frozen being Tuxedos and then I got there and I was like well, I'll load up my cart with like eight thousand bags of truffle flavor things. But it was. So it felt so good to be back in a trader Joe's I. Don't know how why to explain I I don't know how to explain why like the experience of a specific grocery store feels. Like being with an old lover or something. Do. You know what I mean. I was like Oh right My main goes strips are like, yes the frozen lot. Just. All, the TJ's and the things that we love in my house I stocked up on. So many snacks because story now everyone in my home like. We're all there and we're all kind of like in work mode like you know summer is over and we must provide. School lunch for her children during the day and I don't know why it feels different from lunch any other time but it just does yeah I hear that. I stocked up on. FROZEN SOUP dumplings, they'll eat those sound good. I. Mean I just was like, what can I serve these creatures for lunch. I made a little favor them today with. Charmed, charmed by and then I heard my lake second grader telling her teacher on zoom about it like we had a buffet for lunch which was really like I took out snap peas put them in a bowl I opened Hamas I caught up some pita bread. But it felt like a win and I'll take any win. I can get right now Louis. So that's what I'm to I literally eight. So many TJ snacks today just for the pure pleasure I'm jealous. A-. Have truffle potato chips that were so good. I, had never seen them before. I had a Pasadena Salad from them. I mean I just Tj it hard all day just like strictly trader Joe's and so into this for you. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. I'm into it too and I also want to note that they have like new hand soap trader Joe's. we've never talked about really about a hand soap on this podcast and I feel like it is something I could I like kind of I don't WanNa say horrid I don't like misuse that term but I stock up on a lot of hand soap. But I'm a sucker for a sleek bottle and certain smells and I. Do feel like hand soap is an item where like I splurged on a fancy hand soap and I'm wondering is that a thing is that a scam like fancy hand soap the same as just like a regular trader Joe's Hanso with just a fancy name. Sores there's something special about a fancy hand well, okay. I think the answer is yes and no. So. So it's like a scam one can get behind. Yes. So like I love the smell of a sob hand soap, it is right ridiculously expensive like it's obscenely expensive I did splurge on it once and I was really happy. And then I just kind of stopped buying it because I was like. This is sort of ridiculous like I was kind of embarrassed even though I did really enjoy it but I think. It for me it has to be like, okay, this is like the thing I'm splurging on right now you know what I mean if you have one thing that you splurge on, maybe it's a night cream maybe it's a Sierra maybe it's hand soap. Maybe you don't spend on anything but like if you splurge on something. That that would be my thing for the month or something

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