A Look At The First Presidential Debate Of 2020


Let's start today's program in the United States then which last night witnessed a chaotic and bitter presidential debate between President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden here's a selection of an use the term loosely highlights. I am urging my people I. Hope it's going to be a fair election of it's a fair election and what I am a hundred percent on board. But of I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can't go along with that and I'll. Come accommodation does that mean? People to take. A fraudulent election is people aren't equipped to handle it number one, number two, they cheat. They cheat hey, they found ballots wastepaper basket three days ago they all had the name trump on them if we would have listened to you, the country would have been left wide open millions of people would have died not two, hundred, thousand and one person is too much. It's China's fault. It should have never happened. They stopped it from going in, but it was China's for. But if you look at what we've? Done. I. Closed It, and you said he's xenophobic racist and xenophobic Dr out she said President trump saved thousands of lives. Many of you are Democrat governor said, president trump did a phenomenal job. We worked with the governor a really go take a look. There's a deal. The fact is everything he said so far is simply a lie I'm not here to call out his lies everybody knows he's a liar but you I WanNa make sure what it lasts. It lasts. Hi I. You agreed with Bernie Sanders on a plan how both? The. Aesthetic you have. Have you do this month? Your administration directed federal agencies to end racial sensitivity training that addresses white privilege or critical race theory. I ended it because it's racist. It was a radical, a revolution that was taking place in our military in our schools all over the place and you know it and so does everybody else. Racial sensitivity training to view a certain person, you had no status in life. It was sort of a reversal and really they were teaching people to hate our country and I'm not GonNa do that I'm not going to allow that to happen but. Just, as the rallies to left, would you? Listen, who is on your list Joe Just. The flavor of last night's heated presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Well, let's get more on this now with motorcycles US election correspondent. Thomas Lewis, and our news editor Chris show WHO's here in London Thomas. Let Me Cross to you first of all. Some up if you can what did you make that it was not exactly a particularly edifying spectacle I think it's safe to say, no, it wasn't Tom and it didn't really feel like a debate at all. There is in the sort of you know history of these debates as a sort of sacred toned the stages these candidates president take that when after debated finished, you're watching the US knees anchors who are trying to pick up the coverage afterwards, and they all seemed absolutely stunned and lost for words and kind of shocked by the kind of visceral experience. The the debate is offered them I think Joe Biden obviously seem much more prepared but Donald. Trump's goal. In the whole thing, I think was to fluster him to put him on the back foot to try and reignite this narrative that he's campaigners tried on largely failed to stick to Joe Biden that he's too old. He's doddery. He isn't really fit to lead the nation particularly in a time of crisis Joe Biden for sure had the set pieces if you like of the debate but a lot of the marine lost in the fog of the war of the shouting match and I think for the moderator Chris Wallace for someone who really is considered as one of the best in the business to also have been kind of sat there in silence. For. Large parts of it not quite knowing what to do really did speak in lots of ways to just how extraordinary presidential debate this really was Christiana. You were watching on this side of the you watch the whole thing I. Don't think you probably went into it with a great deal of expectation, but it's safe to say you would. Have to be disappointed by the standard of what you saw. Tom I've watched many debates over the years in the US and you know to Thomas Point there I've I've never quite seen anything like that in the US. The the irony in some ways is that US debates. Political debates kind of jumping off with Thomas said tend to be rather stilted affairs What's interesting for me in part before we talk about the actual substance is that typically that's because of the rules you know often it's very stilted in saying you know this candidate, you have two minutes thirty second rebuttal to the next one one minute rebuttal to you. Now we move. Onto the next topic, this one was an open debate there was always after each question there two minutes for each candidate's is start with that didn't work very well already to begin with because there was a lot of interruptions. But then after that, it was sort of this free for all that very quickly descended into a shouting match essentially between the two candidates the other Issue for me or I think. The. That's that's worth. Pointing out is. I do think that one could say donald trump will feel like he pulled off a rather good performance. This is the persona that he has cultivated over the last three and a half years when it comes to his style as well as the ideas that he has put forward, this is who he is and I think he will feel that he had energized even those supporters that he has to come out I don't think he's won any new supporters with what he's done, but he's energized his own base and by as Thomas said, really sort of. Failing to let by Biden in really to make any strong points because of the constant interruptions. Biden didn't make a very strong mark. I would argue and so that that works in some ways if you want to speak purely political calculations that works to trumps favorite because people are going to be left frankly just depressed with the political process as a result of that the big. Well, we'll come to you rather autistic said was the substance. I didn't detect creative air in a moment but I just wonder on that point about trump he seemed to be I don't know this sort of a twitter feed made flesh. It was just a series of spiky pronouncements angry it was delivered in the style we've come to associate with him on that platform Were there any actual substantive communications that will have registered or was it just about him preview once again he can shout louder. Know the worst some substantive points that that were made and a couple of them played in in those clips that I thought were were quite interesting and highlighted the two different ideologies. One was on the pandemic and the Corona virus you heard Donald Trump talked there as he often does putting all the blame on putting all the blame on China for the coronavirus coming in he also there were a number of exchanges where it was very clear that for Donald Trump it's time for. People to open up again, it's time for the country to open up. He bragged about the fact that he had many people at his rallies. For example, at his political rallies. He felt that was a good thing and he sort of Josh Joe. Biden for you know not being able to get people to his rallies and there was this very poignant moment in that way where the quote was along the lines of trump saying people want to open up and Biden responded. quickly, people want to be safe and so that was a very clear moment in terms of the ideology of the two. I think that will strike people and the second one was on race, which you also heard there there are some very strong moments that again highlighted the sharp differences between the two when it comes to race and protests and the violence that is happening in the US right. Now, there was the bizarre moment you heard there about racial sensitivity training. WHERE DONALD TRUMP DONALD TRUMP rather very depressingly. I would say really double down on this idea that racial sensitivity training is somehow leading to a radical revolution in the United States in education he also refused to openly condemn white supremacist groups. There was this moment where he was asked to condemn the proud boys a white supremacist group and he did not So there were there were moments there that we're really quite depressing. He focused his attention than on Joe Biden saying. You, refuse to speak about law and order I. Think Joe Biden tried to answer that maybe Thomas can speak to this as well. It was interesting how he tried to answer the law and order question I wonder if that is something that you know might lose him some supporters on the left because he was trying to be quite defensive of the polices result of that. So Donald Trump really use his own strategy, what he wanted to do to effect in his world. Let me bring you in. Then on I guess looking from Joe Biden's pointed viewed along with Christie's rated the. was rather difficult for him to. Seize control of the narrative given trump's behavior sort of in the room. What did you make of his performance and would there be any areas that he may find he landed any blows I think Donald Trump's goal was purely to fluster Joe Biden and to throw him off his. Uncertain moments it worked. There were other moments when Joe Biden was alive to speak that you know if they do want to characterize him someone who is a little bit of don't reason quite fully grasp of himself for the facts then Joe Biden did show that he is an accomplished speaker. He had some ideas that were quite forward-looking Donald trump had none of those things and he. was questioned at at certain points asking well, what are your plans and there were really no answers. All Donald Trump wanted to do was as you put earlier Tom to shout the loudest because Donald Trump. Now, to win this election, he readings debate either bring big swathes of voters to his cause which I think last night's performance by him is unlikely to do he also therefore if he Can't that might try and do he didn't twenty sixteen and not is to keep people home to stop people effectively to make the atmosphere. So angry and Sophie Brier the people feel so disenchanted with the electoral process that they just don't vote at tall that was successful for him to a certain degree in two thousand sixteen, I think if the polls are correct and the polling arguably. Is more accurate is more detailed is more specific this time around than it was last time. Then I think that it would take a huge number of people to stay home for Donald Trump to sneak victory in the Electoral College. There were some reports after the debate last night that Joe Biden's team that some sources close to his campaign suggesting that maybe Joe Biden wouldn't take part. In the next two debates, if those debates are going to be like we saw last night because really heat does arguably have the most to lose here given his lead is so large at the moment I'm for Donald Trump. This isn't about sort of setting out to vision for America. This is about just sort of keeping and clinging onto power in the angriest way he possibly can, and I think as Chris mentioned I think that was if that's what the goal was that was pretty successful for him. Last night I think that Joe? Biden? Obviously prepared well, obviously prepared in detail but just a lot of those. A lot of those ideas set pieces that he had brought to the debate stage just weren't really allowed to shine through given just had extrordinary. The climate was on stage last night. It's always great to me. Thanks for being with us, tell us in Chris both the Monaco's. Team looking ahead to November Thomas and here in London Chris China here

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