Children of Incarcerated Parents with Ebony Underwood


Hi, my name is under would I'm fighting for the rights of children and young adults impacted by parental incarceration? Sorry Not Sorry Evans thank you so much for doing the podcast. I WANNA start by talking about your story your father has been in prison for more than three decades. Only. Right now they're still funny. Listen I'm GonNa play so you could hear. Paid. Call you. I'm happy charged for this call college from. Being, recorded for. Monitoring. Hold on I'm doing interview but I'm GonNa get into politics because he can talk they're. Sorry no don't be sorry at all I totally get it. You don't WanNa. Miss that phone call. Oh my God. You know why? Because the federal prison system is on lockdown this is the first time national lockdown and like twenty five years. been on lockdown. So the way that he called like we speak very frequently prior to Kobe, but since Calvin with whenever he calls so I can't miss his call. No of course, not especially when it's public health going on just he feel like he is being exposed in a way that makes him very vulnerable. He's sixty six years old. So he is part of what the CDC considers the most vulnerable population to cove is. We did look at. A time for y'all get it. There is an added touch desperation two calls coming out of jails and prisons. Around the country these days guys is called in it and there's no way to escape us. Oh This is what you see. Me noted I love you and you know. I mean at this hour Dabbagh Israel. Confinement. and social distancing are mostly incompatible. Sale. You have to basically figure out how are you going to just because a few feet down from you is another person. Learn scary for me every single day. I. Talked to him over the weekend. So that's why I was okay with letting my sister taught him because he didn't talk to him but I talked to him over the weekend and he shared with me that he actually was tested and he's negative thank God how do we keep him negative? I mean do they have any protocol whatsoever in place because from what we're hearing it's close quarters there's no masks there's no sanitation is that true? So this is what I know about federal institutions right there oldest. That's number one no error. He has been social distancing till the way that they've been doing it as separating people and allowing each group of people I think it's like ten people at a time. So they're like dorms and bunks, and so within his dorm, they allow the men to go out but because of his age he's like it just seems like there's too many people out and I'm a little tired but which is Kinda bad. Because every other day he gets the shower go commissary and like either email or call all within one hour the twenty three remaining hours he's shelter in place in a cell he basically on lockdown. So it's really heartbreaking sides calling his daughters is there anything that is giving him hope in this time the work that I've been doing tell me how old you were father was incarcerated. I don't actually say my age but I'll say this. I like that. Because of the issue that I'm talking about mainly but I was an adolescent young adolescent when my father was incarcerated and it completely devastated me completely I'm sure and that's such a hard age for a young woman anyway. Yeah. I was a young adult. So it was like thirteen fourteen years old when it occurred what effect did it have on you? I mean besides just being hard how did that manifest itself on your being on your heart? Right, so you know the stages of grief I would say most immediately. Just, Kinda give you an overview what happened. So my father was in the music industry he was a music manager promoter and publisher, and at the time of his arrest, he was like the pinnacle of his career like really doing well. So he traveled very often because he promoted records, he would often go to different states go to radio stations to promote different aren't because he couldn't go to everyone he worked for all different labels and so he promoted many different artists. From like Michael Jackson to like Kenny loggins well under yeah. It's a Ray Charles like all of people and so when he was arrested I guess my gut reaction was to just assume that he was on the road writings traveling because there are no real instructions for how this occurs. Right? I believe it was a coping mechanism. Yeah. Probably that is true it amazing how resilient we can become right after Moodley, and so for the first nine months, we act that way so. It's me and my sister, my sister we have the same mom and then I have two other brothers, an older brother and a younger brother and my younger brother was actually president when my father was arrested he was five years old and he was actually there hasn't of the whole arrest fathers in federal prison. So big like da you know these drug charges. Yeah. It was not good. So my sister and I weren't there and so we just kinda like to him being. On the road some of the first nine months we did not see him right and then he calls and he had been calling all along and now it's this new format calling receive a call and you hear this sweetness from a federal institution. Blah. Blah Blah and so okay, that's new. But whatever again Kinda put him in mind and just assuming that he's where he is but he says the US at that nine month part. Are you guys GonNa ever come visit me?

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