COVID-19 Outbreak Among Cal State Long Beach Students



A covert 19 outbreak among Cal State Long Beach students has grown to 22 cases. The story from KPCC Sadako Guzman Lopez campus officials tallied five cases on Saturday, 17 on Wednesday, most of them among students living in the dorms. Spokesman. Gregory would said the university is disappointed with the students. There were rules that were given to them and contract that they sign when they moved into the dorms would said the university has found out that students attended parties in the last month. The university's limited dorm population is now quarantined. Students are receiving their meals in their rooms. And students who tested positive had been moved to separate dorms. The few in person class is in session are suspended. The outbreak happened despite a conservative approach to opening dorms and in person classes. Cal State began its semester a month ago. The University of California begins the academic year this week

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