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It wasn't his fault. He means so much to traffic from the ambassador, Midwest floor Traffic center. That song has put me in a state Traffic this afternoon is lined up now we had an accident Eastbound 70 at Bermuda and they blocked all the planes for awhile. We had traffic jam back past the interval. And they were trying to let atleast Yeah, they're diverting traffic around it now. So eastbound traffic completely shut down near Bermuda. They're taking you to the outer road to try to get around this now an alternative. This would be a natural bridge, and that's a little heavier than usual. West found lanes are open on 70 past that accident a little bit slow from 2 70 out through 1 41. We had an earlier accident south bound to 70, just south of Manchester on the right side. Heavy traffic there. And West found 64 40, a little bit slow in Hampton and again at Lake ST Louis Boulevard to Thomas with traffic. It's for 24 at 97 1. So Ryan Kelly in the home loan expert is always a well oiled machine because one of the smartest things that Ryan has done which has caused people

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