How long should my YouTube videos be?


I've studied a lot when it comes to video marketing. Especially when it comes to search engine optimization and optimizing your exposure on Youtube, the lot experts out there. But my personal favorite expert on this topic is Brian Deane from back Linko dot com you can check out his blog back link dot com. There's a ton of resources when it comes to maximizing your exposure on Youtube he's only an expert when it comes to Seo marketing on Google but also on Youtube so I want to share with you some things I learned from him as well as others that have confirmed his strategies and what I like about Brian's approach to youtube marketing is he actually tests Out His theories and see if they work in the real world and his own youtube channel, which is huge for this niche of Seo. It's a very dry kind of topic. It's not a you know anything that's entertaining or funny or makeup tutorials or car reviews which kind of caters to a big market very niche and yet he's got a huge following three hundred and seventy three thousand subscribers on his youtube channel. Pretty impressive. Let's address the direct question of how long should videos on Youtube. In order to give you the right advice. Let me back up a little bit and talk about. What does Youtube. Well Youtube really wants people to stay on the platform as long as possible. Their big metric is view time total view time how long people watch videos on their channel? Don't confuse this with retention time. Let me tell you the difference if a former video on average people watch of to the three minute mark. My retention time is seventy five percent pretty impressive right? Let's say I have a ten minute video and people watch only half five minute mark. You would think that the first video would be more optimized would be more preferred by you would get more exposure because the retention time or percentage is higher at seventy, five percent versus fifty but the total watch time I video is three minutes versus the second video, which is five minutes and really. Cares about is that you actually keeping people on the platform for longer they're watching videos for longer more minutes is most important to them, and this is why the ten minute mark is seen as the holy grail in Youtube because ten minutes allows you to get lots of viewing time even if they just watch half the video and it's also not too long where it's like a two hour video and no one even attempts to click on it because they have to hours. So Brian Deane your video should be at least ten minutes long. You should try to aim for that. You know nine minutes eight and a half. Okay. But ten is really what you should aim for to maximize your viewing time and also obviously have a concise and valuable video. So your channel will get more juice will get more preference from Youtube. Viewers to watch more time of your videos, they will suggest your videos as recommended videos at the end of videos. Or they'll suggests it in the right hand column. And if you get enough mental, you might even be trending on their homepage. Now I don't want you to take my word for it. Take a look at some of the best youtubers out. They're the ones that are trending the ones that maybe you follow somebody maybe that you look up to even if they're not as active as they used to before like Casey Nice to take a look at the length of their videos, you're going to see their around the ten minute, Mark Ten twelve, fifteen minutes very few of these big time youtubers are doing you know three minute form videos, even people that review. Gadgets software cars they make sure that it's you know eight, nine, ten minutes at least now I want to give a couple more piece of advice that I learned from Brian. But my real genuine advice is to subscribe to back link. Oh, you know he's not paying me for this. I'm genuinely saying he's a great source of knowledge because I've learned so much from him if he ever offers the I know he has a course on youtube if you ever offers it. Opens it up for enrollment. Then he closes it really quick by that course it's a very, very good if you're serious about growing your youtube channel because you're GONNA learn a ton to maximize a results is really going to get you faster results in shorter time. But here are a few things I learned along the way from him number one. Understand the key words you're trying to target when you are shooting a video. So when you have video four, your youtube channel, you have a video idea, a title what are the key words are trying to target what kind of things that you're going to be searching for that they're going to you know stumble upon her find your video with understand your Seki words and they could be eight to ten keywords you're looking for, and you need to make sure you use these words throughout the video now, only in the description as. Much as possible in the title, even in your, you know close captioning or subtitles, but also say these keywords in the video actually speak them into the camera why? Because you actually can pick up what is being said, and it's actually picking up your audio and using it in their search engine algorithm to find people those videos that match the keywords typing

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