Jonathan Edwards and the Call to Prayer


Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel observed that the opposite of love is not hate it's indifference and hopelessness like so many of us feel right now in the midst of this perfect storm of pandemic and justice political unrest rioting can lead us to indifference after all. What can the typical person do about all this crazy stuff going on but Christians cannot succumb to hopelessness and we're never allowed to retreat into. Indifference to love is the very first and greatest commandment I god and then others we are Peter Rowe born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. We might not feel like that's true. But it is the Great Jonathan Edwards a leading theologian and perhaps America's Greatest Christian? Philosopher served in pastoral ministry in the Eighteenth Century during the height of the enlightenment and an essay he wrote. Entitled a call to United Extraordinary prayer a humble attempt. How's that? For a title Edwards argued that for the Christian to maintain their love for God and for others defined by whole ball avoiding despair regular prayer was essential. However, Edwards was clear that prayer does not bring hope to believers by guaranteeing that God will line up with us in our request. Rather prayer aligns the believers and our request to the Kingdom of. God and it does so in at least three ways first per- teachers are hearts and minds too long for God's Power and glory here's Edwards there is much in what we have seen of the glorious works of God's Power and grace to put us in mind of the yet greater things of this nature that he has spoken of in his word and to excite our longings and our hopes of their approach the. Of His presence that is knowing in believing the one true. God of the Universe is meant to excite us towards greater prayer for the continuance increase and greater extent up such blessings. Second prayers, the principal means by which Christ Kingdom advances again, here's Edwards so it is. God's will through his wonderful grace that the prayers of his saints should be one great and principal means of carrying on the designs of Christ's. Kingdom in the world what an astounding thought. So often we ask but other than pray what can I do as if praying isn't doing something, but it is it's even effectual. Saint James says in his epistle and finally our prayers are not merely that God would save our nation but that he would pour out his spirit on our nation through the church. But that God would appear for his Church Road Edwards. And mercy to miserable men carry on his work in the land and in the world and fulfill the things he spoke of his word that his church has been. So long wishing and hoping and waiting for the restoration that we long for is not for some pass good old days as a country. But rather for a restoration to the purposes of God, We pray for God to heal our nation to revive. The church even as we long for and await the day when the Lord will return restoring his creation and making all things new these words of Edwards describe at least in part by a few thousand of us have been gathering virtually each of the last few weeks every Wednesday morning between now and November the fourth, which is the morning after the twenty twenty election for a time of national

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