You Can Also Learn From Those Still On The Journey #1012



Over the past week or so of being doing these one on one Kohl's, which is something that oil offered is part of the one thousand episodes celebrations, and as I said at the start of that, I don't pretend that go to Lance's but I am pretty good asking questions and if I do that between the two of us, we might just be able to help you some sort of clarity on where you're going and that's pretty much the way it's played out over the over the past week. And what really come to realize during this week and more. So than ever I think is that you don't need to have arrived to be able to help other people on the journey I. Think sometimes we look for advice only from those that have achieved what we deem to be success but the reality is that we can learn as much not just from people who failed but from people that are still on the journey, you don't need to go to only those people have already arrived at the destination seek their advice on how to get there. You can actually learn just as much from people who are at various stages along the same as you or even a different journey. And I think that's an important message also for people in terms of offering their advice and offering their teaching, it's not just the people that are looking to learn. It's the people could actually take. I feel that I've in this past week or so. The risk of sounding a little egotistical I I've helped a few people along the journey even though I don't necessarily think for one second that I've reached my destination or that I've necessarily achieve what I need to achieve along my journey. So I think there's a lot of you out there that probably feel like you don't maybe have a lot to offer in terms of teaching others but the reality is even if you haven't made even if you have an achieve success regardless of where you are on your journey, you still have the ability to teach others and help others along the way or that is it for today. I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow.

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