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But last night I played a new game I'd never played for called Word Slim. And the idea was you'd get a cont. That would have a clue on like hot air balloon and in under a minute you have to clue your partner. You can only use words on cards in your deck. So if it was hot air balloon, for example, you could do what I did and use the word transport old fashioned. Sky. and. They're sort of obviously shouting things out and trying to guess, and if you're playing with Thomas Alinsky, he won't know what that means. All you can do what the opposing team did and just use the word up. And with that one word, they would know that the answer was hot air ballooning. Even, though that team was not married. And hadn't spent every waking hour of lockdown together. So should be more a little bit more telepathic but what are you gonNa do I can't think what other things old-fashioned transport in the sky but anyway, it doesn't matter. Lots of rounds forced us into rather binary way of describing things like, for example, when Thomson Linski queued janitor as man job inside building and I said, afterwards could be a woman Jonathan could be woman but this kept happening in a sort of kept talking to everybody and I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and eventually I said. Ask speed I'd had two vodkas accidentally accidentally said look we're. We don't have time for feminists. Though was that time of went very fast and sometimes you do sink of among agenda. So I do think I am not open to discussing the words I use to describe gala. But one of those hot and I won that round so. I'm a feminist, but I make jokes about my weight sometimes on TV and other women don't like it and they send me lots of DM's about this constantly. But I like to joke about my weight because I find it. Funny. For example, one of the jokes they didn't like was something I said about an elevator I got into an elevator in debonair and it said this lift is overcapacity and I was the only one in it. which made half of the audience laugh. But the other half were worried about my sanity when I did that and just to let you know I just think it's very funny when I don't fit and stuff and I know that's not very feminist of me. But it's funny. I'm a feminist Bart recently among told me that he had a best friend they just so intellectually paired you know they have such brilliant deep conversations and they also have this great are and. They nearly kissed one spot. He pulled back from it because he said, don't lose the friendship but then she said look I really have feelings for you and I really fancy you and you obviously fancy me and this could be perfect and he went I thought. No, I think I'd rather have the friendship. And I just felt for her so much that I said, what happened to men. There was a time when men would be like, yes please sex what has happened to that I mean obviously, that's not what I said to him. That's not right but I, hear the story so much now that Frisco, he's perfect for me I'm perfect for him. He's just like I can take a leave it and I was like, but surely you should try it because in the words of Adel, you could have had it all and With the REGGAE beat and I. Felt. Like if this was a woman, say my best friend is in love with me and I'm not love with him and so I I absolutely boundaries distance because it was a man I was just like I feel sad for her and I think this is going to end in some kinds of wrong combine to the airport. I do feel a bit bad about it but no spot is I should. I'm a feminist, but my boyfriend gets a little of DMZ from women who pretend to be my fans telling in a great I am. And instead of saying things to them, I followed them. and become their best friend. Because they felt anything I just believe. That any person who messages someone after midnight. Oh I mean even slightly before that. I mean. That's all ten pm. Ten there was. A former cups of it's ten. Oh. One is that I feel that's on the ballot. Top Ten you can do as well, but reaching eleven to twelve and onwards. then. And he never easel was just being friendly. An idiot. And I only know this because I too was in my twenties and I'm because of him. He should feel very flattered since I've been with him and in the relationship I've become a better feminist because terrible behavior me telling them what to do.

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