How could they know that it was human shimmy sees like Did they test it? Well, I mean, unless it was


Was like, you know. I don't know. Head who lived down the street was like well. I guess I know what to do with this. I hadn't even thought of like, share another story. You know, I'm suddenly concerned that this got shared at some point when I wasn't here, but you'll tell me and actually like this crazy, stupid idiot. He's not that stupid. Because he was just doing what his car is begging him to Dio. I want to tell you about it. We didn't do this. Okay. Dave Andr Goli. He's 66 year old emergency room doctor from Raleigh, North Carolina, and he was driving home after his shift. It was late. It was after midnight. And he was driving in his fancy Tesla model as the Dan Well, you know what the thing is with those fancy cars is they got that automatic drive thing. Where you You just be like Beep. Boop Bop boop beep and it'll just drive for you. That's an actual thing. Well, he was using that he was using that autopilot mode and Ah, apparently There was a problem because it didn't work. In that car, his car that he was not driving because it was driving itself. Ran into a sheriff's car. Oh, my God, and the reason why he has been charged with a pair of vehicular law violations. Is because he was also watching a movie on his phone while he allowed his Tesla's to drive.

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