An attempted Coup in the US


Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries either host Kit Chrome today the story of a coup against one of the presidents of the United States today's Podcast is the result of myth and mystery coming together to form a truth, a truth confirmed by data revealed by both the Freedom of Information Act an archive letters regarding lawsuits against the Bush family made public in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, eight. This podcast is without political bias and exists only to. demystify myth and mystery whenever possible in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, three, a group of Americans wealthiest businessman powerbrokers including the grandfather of George W Bush Prescott Bush plan to stage a coup against then President Franklin Roosevelt to change the regime one year later retired Marine Corps. Major General smedley Butler revealed applaud the wait Prescott Sheldon Bush was an American banker and politician Wall Street executive partner the Brown brothers and a US senator he was the Father President. George H. W Bush in the grandfather to President George W Bush he attended Yale and was a member of the skull and bones. Prescott Bush seems larger than life and he was a business plot in nineteen thirty three referred to as the white. House. Coup was led in part by Prescott. Bush, the purpose of the alleged conspiracy was to replace the Roosevelt Administration with a fascist dictatorship, a coalition of many influential billionaires and powerbrokers led by Prescott Bush. Plan the coup the reason behind this attempt was the policies of the Roosevelt Administration towards the business world the owners of some of the biggest corporations like General Motors. Goodyear Chase Bank and hines thought the government would destroy private enterprise. Thus, they wanted to create a business friendly zine so that they could preserve their power. However, the coup plan came to light when smedley Butler a retired burning corps major general alerted authorities in Washington DC of the conspiracy. According to his statement. So mysterious bankers and businessmen approached him and asked him to command an army of veterans who fought in World War one in order to stage a coup and overthrow the democratically elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Butler was a popular military figure then, and he also had influence over the veterans. That's why they chose him a committee investigated the allegations and Declared that some Wall Street elites were involved in the conspiracy but nobody was charged go figure. Then there was Prescott involvement with the Brown brothers the financial architects of Nazism the documents from the National Archives showed that the bushes and Brown brothers shipped valuable US assets including gold coal steel at US Treasury war bonds to their foreign clients overseas as Hitler geared up for his. Nineteen thirty nine invasion of Poland the event that sparked World War Two is business dealings continued until his company's assets were seized nineteen, forty, two, hundred, the trading with the Enemy Act. Then there is the Bush family stronghold Jupiter Island, but that will have to be another

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