Dow futures down more than 200 points after Fed minutes note concerns


Really, the big issue in the market is those fed minutes that we had yesterday. The path to the U. S recovery depends on the virus was the theme the summary from those minutes and that really dampened the actually rally and optimism about second half growth. In the U. S. Also you have three US ending extradition attacks Agreements with Hong Kong The Hang saying is down by 2% this morning my whole Kong index jobs 2.2%. We're in the red really Across Asia. Asia Pacific is down by 1.6% also futures significantly hit. Really? You're on the USO USO 50 features slump 1.4% this morning as a P 500 even if each is down by 6/10 of 1%, even though he saw European actions yesterday rised by 7/10 of 1% at the close Thie Donner rebounded after the Fed minutes on DH clings onto a little bit of that positivity building on the valley. A touch this morning up Almost 1/10 of 1% Treasuries has 66 basis points Yields down to basis points. Gold Momentum is there are 9/10 of 1 December was still below 3946. And then don't forget. We get results from Ali Baba later on today, so that's data the market will be watching out

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