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Linings coming down. Thrown here. Right side tires for change looks pretty bad. Somebody pouring on that tire on the outside. So right now, like Alex Bowman and Kurt Busch, Ryan Blaney has to hope that this continues the cycle in the other cars on the lead lap, half the pit under green for them to get back to the lead lap. That is achievable when you've got 350 laps to go. I think it gets a lot tougher when you've got 142 laps remaining as we were getting down into it, and Markham alluded to it earlier. This is usually the stage of this race. Where caution gets thrown out the window. And if you have anything left, you've got to start going for you Can't wait for 50 to go here. Now, right now, if you just joined us For this. Bass pro shops and are a night race. Chase Elliott Wind Stage number 1/7 Stage win of the season Kyle Busch When stage number two, Bush had to start in the back. His car failed pre race inspection in Stage one. He came from the back not once, but twice the finished second in Stage one. We win Stage two on Ly the second stage when this season for Kyle Busch. He's led 230 laps so far, But he's 2.3 seconds behind Kevin Harvick, who is moving up now at 17 18 laps, and I believe our sporting is going Trying to catch up here just a bit. So Harvick has lead at this point more than 17 laps, and we'll have to see when the scoring updates here for a second, we're being told right now about 22 23 laps, and then we're going to see a mass exits to pit road. Things can get really interesting here. If all of these teams are forced to pit under the green, because Tricky pit road. You spend a long time on pit road and that could be an opportunity for somebody. Kevin Harvick 2.4 seconds. You gotta have a smooth pit stop here. Cause if you slipped Kyle Busch Chase Elliott could eat into you. And again, That would be perfect for Alex Bowman and Kurt Busch. You made unscheduled green flag pit stops. They could get back on the lead lap on DSO. Could some of these other guys who had to pit under green as well, so we'll take a time out When we come back. We should be close to some bring fire pit stops. When you need auto parts. O'Reilly auto dot com is just a few clicks away. We offer convenient options for you to get your parts quickly order online. For free at your

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