Payment Plans - The Answer To Moving Your Excess Inventory #1023



With sales plummeting many businesses around the world are left with excess inventory and having that inventory just sitting in the store him somewhere isn't really doing you any favors especially if that inventory has an expiry date and one of the best ways to encourage people to buy your inventory is to offer them a payment plan. Give me twenty five percent. Now, take the product with you, and then you pay the rest the remaining seventy, five percent in equal monthly instalments for the next few months now. That to me seems like a real consumer I approach, but I'm not hearing a lot of companies offering those are really promoting those at the moment in stayed. What I'm seeing is companies saying pay now years later, which of course is really all about the business trying to ave cash flow, which is fine but the same risk uncertainty that businesses face consumers are also facing. So the ability for a consumer to at least partially defer the book and in the financial outlay over the next few months. Makes a lot of sense for consumates encourage them to buy your product, and again if your products the sitting on shelves someway and if they're expiring, it doesn't make any sense to let him do it five. To Take your twenty-five percent payment now and then the other seventy, five percent over the next few months the not solid inventory at all, and there's a number of platforms that they do it off after pay is one of the big one. There's a number of different platforms and tools available to you to implement a payment plan that basically takes all the burden and the risk of you and put. It back on the financial institutions. So I would really encourage you to think about offering payment plans if you're not already and if you are offering them trying to encourage people to use it, maybe even

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