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That's what we'll turn over the Westwood one's fantasy football show Deuce and I will get into fantasy football at seven o'clock tonight, but before then Lots of talk about the Saint's big match up this week with the Las Vegas Raiders before we get to that game, Do I want to just bring this up? I think it makes sense being where we are. And that is Thursday night football from last night, the battle of Ohio Cincinnati Bangles in the Cleveland Browns, and obviously, that's a game that usually we would care very little about. But in this situation certainly a lot of L s U star power up there, led by Joe Burrow, the Heisman Trophy winner from last season, who last night broke a rookie record. With 61 pass attempts. Actually, you know what? I don't think that's true. I think it's the most since Chris Winky, who I think had 62. But it's an insane amount of pass attempts. And it's the most pass attempts by any player in his first two years without an interception, But Joe Burrow last night 37 of 61 316 yards, three touchdowns. He kind of brings them back again in the fourth quarter gives him a shot. I think you know, Joe is still surrounded by by kind of a lack of Of assistance up in Cincinnati. We did see the Cleveland Browns play a little bit better. We saw Dale Beckham Jr kind of get rolling a little bit 74 yards through the air last night for a touchdown. But

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