Dallas, Tampa Bay And Nikita Kucherov discussed on CBS Sports Radio


18 14 in favor. Of the Stars, the Tampa Bay forage Joe of only eight shots on goal. And we've been talking about the Dallas Defenseman as a unit all night long. Five of the six have at least one point They have combined for two goals and three assists in the game tonight. Well, Kenny defensively, you watch Dallas play and I have trouble coming up with a mistake they made in this game and the big line for Tampa Bay. That has been so relied upon Throughout the playoffs with a lot on left wing. Great point in the middle. Nikita Kucherov on right wing. They have a total of just one shot on goal in this game, and it's bipolar. So so Dallas The way they defended and to make a trough looks tired. I mean, he played big big minutes the previous two games on and even in that two overtime game he played over 36 minutes more than Any other player. Generally, you'll see a defenseman that ends up with the minutes but who trough a played so many minutes these last couple of games? I'm just wondering if he's not having an issue not only getting finding open ice But just from the standpoint of having energy right since the Dallas Stars played their last game Lightning

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