Blinkers Off 458: Woodbine Mile Preview and Rapid-Fire

Blinkers Off


I would say some heart you notice go out there and say, okay, I don't care what the what the tracks like I'm going to get it out. So all credit to that. But yeah, I'm not again I'm not holding anything against you know a horse that maybe just ran okay over that and thousand of Alpha. Didn't run that. We're just just an okay race I draw a line through. Yeah that. Honestly I it's. It's. It's a tricky thing because he like you say, don't want to throw out the performance as you see from. Mike say arklow. But then you also have to assume other other factors that go into Kentucky downs you know. I had read some quotes from Brad Cox. He trained really hard on our clue for this race that was the goal. The goal was this race whereas we know Zoos Alpha, Alpha That was not the goal. The. Goal is, is here in the next couple of months. So You've got to kind of keep those things in mind to the horses that like you say, like you said earlier horse, for course. Or? They really do well or they really were trying to peek them right there because they know article is not going to have any shot to win Breeders Cup race. But Hey, we can still five hundred thousand again. So, it's like, hey, why don't we? Still you know so To me, you gotTa have to kind of have to keep those points in mind too. When you're talking about how you look at the race mid before you know I would be very careful about playing article back. Yeah. No absolutely in really Kentucky, downs is really set up for the more than anything else. It's it gives you a little one one or two week me with a take-out's pretty low and you're going to get some crazy results. You'RE GONNA keep your head. About. You're gonNA MISS A lot. But then when you hit, it's a big time score to make up for those that you've missed he can't get down on yourself. But again, like you say talking about all Arco Ralph, all these horses again, you have to take it with a grain of salt as far as projecting what happens in their next I do I think are Clo- zoo meet up again I think Arkell is going to win that race no, not necessarily so. It's just different. It's different I sent it to you I think earlier this week it's just kind of fun because a horse racing's. Monotony a lot of the same stuff over and over and over, and then you get to Kentucky downs and it's totally different watching it is a different experience betting on it's different. So it's just nice to kind of break up. That monotonous feel of of racing is we go. You know week by week Oh yeah. There's nothing. I definitely don't mean. Anything bad about. Down the so much fun to watch of my favorite meets all year because it is just something typically different that we don't get to see. Anywhere else right. Before we move onto the rest of the show and of course, lots of Breeders Cup action you know we are getting closer here to the preakness and all of a sudden this thing is turning into be. Quite. duh It's. Up to be, we talked about one of the better triple crown races very much. Probably will be the best triple crown race at this point. Now Send Swiss skydivers back in the mix if they. It's almost like his law if. He doesn't come. Guy Ever Mike Oh now. So all of a sudden apparently, there's still very much afraid of his laws with skydivers back in the mix midst Guide Happy Saver Traffic Dr Post, all possible thousand words, authentic art collector Mr Big News, all probable as well as pneumatic. They're getting all you know authentic art collector and Swiss guy. Ever. A? Mean Shit. That's that's great. Oh, it's going to be the best rest. One up yet is as long as his long authentic show up. It'll be the best one. Yeah. The three of the triple crown races and you now Swiss skydiver she definitely throws an added entry into the race for sure. I'm a little surprised by that news. If they wanted to run her I, don't know why like the black eyed Susan would probably be a better race I. Think just because I think we saw that you know she's probably not at that level of this along for sure she's already been defeated by art collector. So it's like, yeah, it's fourth. The best you're going to do in that race you know I don't know I thought it was interesting that they that they mentioned that for but at the same time. I would like for her to run for just just for the story lines you know but you're right. It's going to be a good race in and who knows who depicted with this authentic to the law that's going to be. Giving you a big time decision to be made. Do we take what happened in the Derby? As the Gospel or do we take what's happened all earlier in the season and take the log in or do you play up center and I think with art collector in the race you at least Have that option you know a viable third option if you WANNA take it so. Yeah. There's a lot to look forward to with the preakness twelve steak are twelve races all stakes card on Saturday. That an excel is very exciting. You know every every multi-race sequence is going to involve all stakes obviously. So that's cool. So yeah, I mean I'm I'm very pumped about the huge day that day is going to be the black guy fears that obviously is shifted over to. Do that day as well. So it's just all on one day massive card. You know we're GONNA have a guide for, of course, in your work cut out for buddies definitely aside for the Breeders Cup the most stakes races you'll you'll cover for one guy of course, you know stakes analysis for every single one of them. So you we're out for that one buddy but no, I mean it makes it fun definitely I. Even I was like, Hey, you know. There's one A. Arabian race like what we do that now man like really yeah. No, let's do it. So that's dedication. That's guys guys. I'll new all the verses in that Arabian race I get hide they run on the fair circuit in California. Delaware the run a little bit down in. Texas to you so I. This isn't the first race of the last then I'll handicap at. A Depressive or said. Always anyways i. what's the best way? You know it's it's week to the NFL tonight and my browser plan. So that's good but overall I think. You know I'm not gonNA. Say the best thing? I. Saw the Browns they're usually not but. It's week tune in the NFL. We have no cancellations yet and I, think that's Got To be the best thing I've seen. College Games they seem some of them are cancelling. NFL We're all all on gopher week too. So it's good. It's good to see. We Survived Week one hour we're on the week to. Yeah. They did say there was a fan that the the arrowhead game, it's use game. that. Tested positive in a happy. I'm not surprising but It's not funny. I don't WanNa make light of it, but it's basically like there's zero talk about any cancellations. It's like here's what we're going to try to. Fix this or that you know we took all the precautions you know they got as they did do a major You know where this guy was who around and Try to get all that figured out to try to limit the exposure, but there's no talk of. You know I think in the game tonight. The browns game aren't they. Haven't fans yeah. Limited capacity. I got on right now and You know. I'm Tom but there are people there. Well, that's probably about normal game for the browns anyways. So it's not like it. Too. Much. That's the best thing. I saw I mean obviously I could go with the. Chiefs win

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