Halo Championship Series Pivots Due to Pandemic


I want Halo Sports back I think all of you probably want Halo eastport back how a top fight beloved game only a decade ago has fallen so far out of public perception is a travesty. Well. Somebody players are invested in bringing it back. They've had to pivot due to the coronavirus the halo championship series or h was begging lot on the release of Halo Infinite but halo infinite was just delayed to twenty twenty one due to the virus. Now, the is still want to get some competition out there but they definitely are on the level of what we were hoping with infinite today. The HCC announced the halo five pro series between September twenty six and mid December the will host a combination of open professional tournaments culminating with four season. Championships, the is still operating the master chief collection, pro series or MTC pro series as well, but those games being played in Halo Three. This new series we played, in Halo, five as you may have guessed in this press release the ATS. Also said they're increasing weekly prizes for the MCC from five hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. If that doesn't sound like a ton, it's because it's not he'll has an eastward has fallen far from when it stood in direct competition to call duty mini are hoping for return and the ATS is the closest. Thing, we have the halo five pro series will have total prizes of sixty three thousand dollars that's split across four regions. The release of Halo. Incident was also going to bring East sports engine created by longtime eastwards, veterans, atom up Selah and Ryan. Thompson engine posts, a wide variety of eastwards partners including the call of Duty League, and plenty of the franchise partners of Activism Blizzards Eastport Sports Leagues Right now, the Halo five pro series and the MCC pro series are mostly place holders to keep longtime halo fans with some content if halo is returning. To a place among eastward top titles, it's going to happen with eastwards engine and halo infant but we're going to have to wait till twenty twenty one to see if that can become a reality

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