GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 296: Waiver Wire Wind Down - burst 15


Stoppable. Change might take your man well as no I won't and here's why. Remember what I said my heart of the year. was that the bengals wouldn't be. That bad. They be. Okay. Serviceable a serviceable team, but they'd be bad in the division. Right now they're about to take their first division loss. Looks like all the way right on the way and. That's okay. At least from my take, I still think that Joe Borough is pretty nice as a rookie I. Think he's shown flashes the things that we've seen Lsu that made him the first overall pick. Of course they're going to be some things but remember Payton Manning through eleven receptions in his first year as a Indianapolis Colts not everything is peaches and cream in the I go so don't panic. Don't panic but I will say this though the bengals offensive line. Is honestly atrocious. We. Talk about the eagles giving Carson Wentz no time. Throw the ball. Joe Berle's making some really long progression reads like he's looking. In and out of the pocket and he has no time throw the ball. This is bad. This is not good and. The bengals. Defense is not good. I remember. I said earlier that the bengals defense at a certain point. I felt like it was a little bit. overrated how bad they were thought they were sitting people down and he just weren't playing hard. I might have missed book. They're not very good and is looking bad right now. They're allowing each other to get whatever he wants. Old L. is looking giants Odell. Jarvis getting out there. It's it's not looking good for Cleveland. I'm sorry not Cleveland Stephen is not looking very, very promising for the. Cincinnati bengals defense. Of some key takeaways right now tyler Boyd's getting targeted quite a bit by rookie Joe Borough I believe he's been targeted. Like six times so far through the third quarter homes at a touchdown that he should have had dropped it. That would have been a good tyler boy game for all intents and purposes. Eighty degrees been targeted. You know it's not been perfect but. there's been some errant throws but. You know Baker may not big. It's so funny to both first round picks playing cleave. Are they both play in Ohio? You know kind of funny the battle of Ohio regardless. Baker Mayfield and the browns offense. This is the best they've looked probably in two in like a year and I mean like a physical year. Lay The play action they came out game script ran three straight play action please. Because everyone just assume that they're going to feed nick job rightfully. So I think I've only seen Kareem Hunt. Throughout the third quarter like one time legitimately like one time throughout the third quarter is what I've seen nick job. Are. Not but Kareem Hunt and wow. Ingredient I believe he one touch with a touchdown so

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