City turns flood-prone properties into a trail system


To rivers run through ELKHART Indiana and in two thousand, eighteen heavy storms caused record breaking floods. The damage was extensive we had fema come in of course I. think that was kind of the wind up call for a lot of the people in the city and the administration itself saying we need to prevent this from happening again in the future. Jameson Czarnecki is director of the ELKHART Environmental Center. He says to hold more water during heavy rain. The city has been updating its combined sewer and stormwater system, and it just continued an effort that began in the ninety s buying out property owners who live in the flood plain. We have a trail called the river greenway and it's one hundred and twenty Acre greenway system that we purchased a lot of the homes from and then remove those homes and then turned it back into riparian zone to prevent some of that flooding. He says resonance can also help by keeping stormwater grades clear and planting trees and rain gardens that absorb brain. We do a variety of programming throughout the year with rain barrels, discussing how people can make their lawns more habitat friendly, more preventative for flooding. So as Elkhart experiences more heavy rain residents can stay safe and dry.

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