Meghan and Harry's Montecito Move Causes Headaches For New Neighbors


Start with the team Z story, Okay? Megan and Harry Montecito move causes headaches. Few new neighbors are already fed up, so I see. This headline, and I think, Wow, Okay, so that sounds like it's straight out of the daily mail. Everybody hates Harry and Megan, you know, showing up to their fancy neighborhood and creating all this chaos. And when you read the story, it basically is T M Z saying, you know, the locals like, for example, quote most locals tell us they want the paps to give it a rest. The paparazzi Because they feel things they're getting to the point where everyone's privacy is being compromised, and they're super annoyed, and they're saying That's because Harry and Megan moved to Montecito, and you've got all these other people in the neighborhood Ellen Oprah, Rob Lowe, Carol Burnett, Jane Lynch and the Kardashians by the way. On. They're all doing their thing in their private little enclave of Montecito, and they don't need all these paparazzi showing up to blow their cover and harsh. They're mellow.

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