A strange Blue Flame


Welcome to catch myths and mystery signer host kid chrome today a little insight into a different kind of fire at the heart of many seafaring stories going back hundreds of years detail of a blue fire coming up from top of a master crackling along the railing along the gunwales. Some sailors described how they had watched a blue crackling light move along the top of the water climb up the side of this ship wind around the mass where would vanish into thin air. Today we would refer to a sailor's description of a blue light moving around their ship, a saint elmo's fire. This is a weather phenomenon where a sharp or pointed object is passing through a strong electric field in atmosphere not dangerous if it can be an indicator of a charge difference around you making lightning more likely to strike you despite your location in eighteen ninety. Nine Colorado Springs and experiment by Nikola Tesla that utilized undoubted waves caused horses at the livery stable because suddenly Bolton kick free of their stalls, even the insects felt the effects of the electrical barrage butterflies became electrified helplessly swirling circles, their wings, sprouting Blue Halos of saint almost fire during World War One Germany had dozens of rigid airships called Zeppelin's they could travel eighty five miles an hour and carry up to two tons of bombs by the Nineteen Thirties Dr Louvred cder who overseeing the design of this upland step aside to allow the head of the company Hugo. To design the huge Hindenburg class airships in all tour bill designated L Z one, twenty, nine. The HINDENBURG was one hundred, three feet long with a diameter of one hundred, thirty, five feet is gas capacity was just south of seven million cubic feet I I flew in March nineteen thirty six American Airlines contracting with the operators of the Hindenburg shuttled passengers from Lakehurst Newark. Connections to airplane flights she carried thirty six passengers with a crew sixty, one and two thousand, nine, hundred trainees. The airship was hours behind schedule WANNA passed over Boston due to these headwinds landing at Lakehurst was further delayed by foul weather that included thunderstorms the captain opted to pass over. Manhattan. At six, fifty, five PM, the storm had passed and the captain directed the Hindenburg in the direction of it's more at Lakers were the ground crew waited. At seven PM local time the Hindenburg made his final approach from an altitude of six, hundred, fifty feet. The ship would drop rope in cable and be winched tied to more in tower. It began to rain the ground crew grabbed the mooring lines at seven twenty, five a number of individuals on the ground witnessed what they later would state look like a blue. Flame climb up the back of the HINDENBURG seconds later it burst into Flame Werner France was a fourteen year old cabin boy who is dazed by the fire. But when one of the ship's water bladders burst, he was drenched and managed to get out of a hatch used to load food into the kitchen once on the ground, he ran from the burning inferno. The only survivor to escape without any injuries he was also the last surviving crew member and died at the age of ninety two in August two, thousand, fourteen, another survivor was Joseph Spa. ADVIL COMIC ACROBAT. When he saw the first sign of trouble, he smashed the window with this movie camera which had been filming the landing. The film did the disaster by the way that's ship near the ground. He lowered himself out the window on hung onto window ledge letting go when the ship was perhaps twenty feet above the ground his acrobatic instincts kicked in and spa kept his feet under him attempted to do a safety role. When he landed, he injured his ankle nonetheless days Woodley crawling away on a member of the ground crew came up, swung the diminutive SPA under one arm and ran him clear that fire days lady during an interview and investigation was determined that sabotage was. The, cost of the flames but Saint Elmo's fire and that had caused the initial spark that caught the gas on fire. A different

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