White House Says It Won't Help Global Vaccine Effort to Spite China, World Health Organization


Is this we talked so much about the race for a vaccine, the Washington Post reporting about one particular global effort here international effort involving the World Health Organization the United States they report will not participate in part because the White House does not want to work with the WHO which president trump has criticized over what he is characterized as it's China's centric response to the pandemic. Talk if you will a little bit about what this effort is and what it means, the United States, not to be a part of it both to the folks engaging it into us. Well I, remember over eight point four, billion people on the face of the earth right now, all of them vulnerable in one way or another to this virus. The United States is three, hundred, thirty, million of that. That's all how the rest of the world goes will determine in part how the pandemic ultimately still affects United States, and if we're going to take care of our own countries like China and Russia will take care of the rest of the world and help them with their vaccine issues health diplomacy, the ability to outreach to countries based on health and helping them with the most fundamental aspects of public health has. been by far the most effective diplomacy we've ever had that's how you win friends. That's how you are able to show the world, the leader that you are, and if we're gonNA, shut off the rest of the world from responding to those pandemic and helping them with vaccine When we surely could possibly do that. That is the biggest mistake I can imagine. So from a health diplomacy standpoint if we're not helping these other countries of the world who don't have the manufacturing capacity who don't have access to vaccines like this, then we really are cutting off our nose spider ourselves. We'll pay a price for that down the road.

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