Was their number one prospect just in fields.


Was their number one prospect just in fields. Ohio State quarterback is their number four. Trey Lance, North Dakota State is their number six. You've got three quarterbacks in the top 10, so at least early on It's looks like it's going to be a pretty darn good class. But Other three teams to pick those guys. New England. Maybe the Raiders? Maybe the Jets. Maybe that's three. But they're all maybes. I mentioned the Jaguars. Building. Menchu has the season in him to prevent Jacksonville from drafting a first round quarterback If they're anywhere near the top, and even though he looks really good, and they are overachieving so far through two games Hey, pick one right. They gotta pick one. The Bengals air, not picking one. The Steelers, the Browns. Those got those two teams are maybes. You don't have a lot of definitive. So you got like Pittsburgh could do it. Cleveland of Mayfield keeps you know, falling on his face. They could do it.

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