Click-Sick: Part 3 Can 'wellness' make you...sick?

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In the suburbs. It looks like I have high grade cervical display association three displeasure means the development of abnormal cells in this case on the surface of the cervix high-grade means the cells a precancerous so they become cancerous, but they may not the typically picked up by a cervical cancer screening test or for my pap smears. But this news from Sarah it really hit home for Joe. I actually had a similar issue myself. When I was twenty at the time jade sat down with Dr. he was like look their options in this stage young. These things just go away sometimes, and then also at the fact that otherwise it's very simple removal surgery into snow very invasive. So Jason Pathetic Towards Sarah she knew firsthand what she might be feeling and I remember having really upset and actually message. Now Sarah has more than one million followers on instagram but this is a genuine moment of connection with someone jade felt spent a lot of virtual time with and I said like, Hey I've been through the same thing same age like you'll be fine. I went back for my. After a couple of months and went back and checked again and everything was okay you're young you're healthy it should be fine. Never, got a reply didn't expect to still jay kind of felt like they were on a shared journey, but then about seven months later and like really excited to film this video but at the same time, I'm really nervous because everything in the health world. Especially, if it's like a serious health issue, there's just so much backlash and judgment that comes with it. She posted and said like she cured herself in that it was all like healthy eating and. Pray I just can't believe it. It's definitely the most serious health issue that I've been able to tackle in a healthy holistic natural wave. Yes. There's video had a provocative has on how I healed myself naturally cervical displeasure sin free high-grade of smoothies and I was always adding Pika aside how to in that and good binge pat had Lords Sarah. told her follow is her diagnosis had gone from three that is high great abnormalities to a possible lower grade classification. She then described her own apart to as she puts it try to heal her cervix naturally. She says, she did consult with a gynecologist and her natural path about the game plan, but she wanted them to give her time to try own strategy. The rest of this video is just telling you all of the healthy ways that I quit my sex and how I am now free pretty much free from surgical. Display. Shaw Sarah says plan included. A range of things from dosing on antioxidants and other supplements, visas thrive in an inflammatory environment. So I was determined to make my buddy as anti inflammatory as possible and then antioxidants. So I wanted to fuel to positively king and pray and even sang like positive affirmations to myself I. Prayed a lot. My sister's Prado for me and my mom prayed over. Some months later she visited Ghana colleges for another cervical test. The results came in he was on the phone and he said I'm so excited and overwhelmed to tell you that you mail possible low grade, which meant some low grade changes in the sows but detected, but they weren't particular concern I'm still. Shocked. So proud of myself that I, did it. My takeaway is to increase immunity increase anti-oxidants as number jade wasn't convinced in my mind I was like this copy ride and what about the science? According to Dada cited by Cancer Council ustralia thirty percent of Sintra cases will regress spontaneously abnormal cells a no longer detected in woman cervix. It also says there is nor nor on link between these person regression and diet or lifestyle factors. But. It's still really important. Have your regular cervical cancer screening tests because in the absence of screening fourteen thirty one percent of cases of seen three progress to invasive cancer. So the current evidence doesn't backup Sarah's claim it was all her doing that healed herself. We emailed Sarah of Sarah staife the comment, but she hasn't responded to science frictions requests for an interview video however does come with a disclaims. All I'm doing is sitting here and telling you my story and what I did take from that what you will. But especially with your serious health issues, I highly recommend and highly advise you encourage you to to medical professional like gynecologist now doctors or whoever you want to and listened to their advice, and that's what I did and healing myself was actually under the Guidance

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