Zeider House Fools 9/24: Lindsey Graham, Lukashenko, Ballots, Tyler Herro, #JBChanceHoly - burst 2


Man The sickest graffiti artists in high school. Alexander Lukashenko A. Some gave us a little preview. Our Future in Belarus. Tried to straight Jack. Jack a wedding Jack and election. You know be the illegitimate president did like a real hasty swearing in Wednesday and the European Union is like okay. Well, we don't recognize you as the president just so you know and as the EU I mean because Belarus receives a like a decent amount of financial aid. They're sort of saying well, we're GONNA have to reevaluate our relationship with the country, but it's I mean on the amount of people. In the streets in Belarus is wild in the clips that are coming out of their of like people helping each other against like the police violence and all this other stuff is really

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