Parent Who Attended Quincy High School Graduation in Boston Tests Positive For Coronavirus


Attended the Quincy High School graduation on Saturday has since tested positive for covert. 19 parents were notified the day after graduation. In the letter from the school, we get more from W B Z TVs Tiffany Chan. That letter came down just about a day after the Quincy high School graduation. That's where hundreds of graduating seniors and their families gathered here at veteran's Memorial Stadium Saturday morning. Garrett, who attended the ceremony, the city says later tested positive for 19 Quincy public schools say they've started contact tracing and notifying others who may have been exposed to the deadly virus. City says the chance for spread here is low. Since this was a big gathering, they had precautions in place for attendees. Everyone was asked where facemask and chairs a cz you can see here in this video were set up six feet apart to allow for social distance. Sing. But the city did send out a letter to parents alerting them that a fellow parent there did test positive for the Corona virus. No city officials are also asking anyone at that ceremony who assisted with a medical emergency at the stadium to also contact Quincy Health Department after a House

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