QuaranTV: Ramy, Space Force And Lady Dynamite

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On the line with me, we have Jimmy Yang and Roy Wood Jr.. Hello. Well, hello gas. So Roy who are you quarantining? I am quarantining with. Myself my girl, our four year old. and My mother in Alabama I am doing the same thing you around your four year old all the time and. They've got some they've got some value to add to the comedy world. and. Masan talks a lot just say that I know what you're saying. Talking. Every day just nonstop. I feel like being a parent during quarantine is as stressful as being the head coach of a major franchise I'm trying to keep his family on threat. Make sure the family performs world every bay. I like Jimmy that you were coming from a beautiful apartment saying thank you. How dare you? It's a house I own property now owned land. But, yeah unfortunately, I am quarantine by myself. Yeah. No kids but it is by myself and once a week I go see my parents have been pretty separated. They live about an hour away from me in La are you out walking still? So backstory Jimmy and live in the same neighborhood. And like any time I leave the house to walk. It was like a purpose but I always see Jimmy out walking and I couldn't tell if it was just for health or just see was just in deep thought or if a standup process, it's. Always respected because you were walking clearly with no destination. Cool. I like that you can see my aimlessness in my in my stride there's an aimlessness to it. Yeah, I used to walk quite a lot for exercise because I didn't exercise at all for like years and I was just walked to the Grove, which is like I don't know thirty minutes or something. But. Now, actually not to brag or anything but I gotTA pull now I've been using that. You're now. Yeah. So we I. Brag but here it is Silicon Valley. Okay. So you probably have noticed that the big celebrity trend during quarantine is making tutorial videos, and so we have a game about that. We're going to play you a video of a celebrity doing something and you just have to say who it is. Right away and you're going to be competing against each other. So we'll go back and forth. All Right Roy this one's for you straight out of a loss Angeles mansion here's an attempt to Eddie makeup tutorial. Eyebrows among us wes we. Kenworthy. Can you do it in the other room of in the middle of something I don't want to get this all wet speedy. I'm hiding in the guest room. You guys I'm hiding guestroom because my kids data will not leave me alone. I, don't know which one. You're a cardiac. Yes sure Kardashian. I'll take the half point right now because I don't know which. because. I say kids, which is plural. So that's Courtney or Kim four euro though, right? She says she says northey. She says, okay. Northey Internet. Yeah. That's Kim. That's a layup. She also said you guys you guys you got and that's something that Kim Kardashian always says social media, which I only know because my girlfriend watches a lot of it. Okay. Not Me sure you are. You are weirdly well-versed on the Dash. outs. I love that her a tutorial during currently in involves her child asking, can I wash my hands and she says, no, no. No No. Just wait. Touch your face while you're waiting the cameras rolling. Okay.

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