The Secret Lives of The Palace of Fine Arts Swans

Bay Curious


Heading out to answer me question about how the swans are protected from coyotes is reporter Saul. Asana. Poor. I visit the Palace of fine arts at dusk on a misty grey weeknight. FOGHORNS. Are droning on in the background, but you can still hear the birds. Without Aharon. The swamp so they were hard to find I had to circle around the entire lagoon before I finally saw them we're looking for the. Oh Yes and. They're just hanging out in the open like this. There is one person who doesn't have any problem finding the swans. Her name is Gail Hagerty, and she is the Swan Lady I bow who they are across the water and people say to me well, how can you tell and I should? Because I've been taking care of them for so long for twenty five years. Gale has visited the swans daily and manage their diet mostly lettuce on a swan feed for dessert they get cheese. It's they loved they just goeke dessert for those. The Palace of fine. Arts. Has Two mute swans blanche and blue boy called mute swans because they don't make as many vocalisations as other types of swans. Blanche is very sweet and very forgiving. If I have to handle her, she will forgive me right away. Blue boy is he's the man of the lagoon. He doesn't like geese on their he doesn't like me. He's very large swan and He's always on a patrol always like who you who let you in and. But difficult personalities. Aside, these swans are graceful majestic when I see them on the water. It makes something in my soul feel whole and it's always been that way swans lived at the Palace of fine arts since it first opened during the Nineteen Fifteen Panama Pacific International Exhibition but one thing not in the design was an area to fence them off at night according to gale the Swan sleep out in the open. They are not put in any compound or any protective area in the evening. But where they go is they go into the gardeners nursery area which is fenced off, and they access that from the water to answer me, she's question coyotes haven't been. A problem for adult swans, swans are so big and so fast even on land they're fast I know because I had to run from him especially, but we've had swans for a long time. It's never been an issue for the adults but in the past, it has been an issue for the babies which are usually cared for on the lawn not in the gardener's nursery. Gail says a years ago the coyotes got to them eight them right there on site but doing some health issues, Gail says Blanche won't be having any more babies. So hopefully, coyotes won't be an issue. Now besides while on there are a lot of different birds at the Palace of fine arts. Course. Goes. We've got some horned owls in there and I won't see them normally might hear them.

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