Ben Fred Friday September 4, 2020 - burst 5


Defense Dot Com the blues makes news the Jake Allen deal. So really you know by all accounts, everybody looks at Jake is being just a first class guy he heads to Montreal wins a cup here and you know the the blue you're gonNA have to clear some space to try to bring in Oh I don't know a captain resign him. So what do you think of the deal of? J. Gallon. Well Army my first thought was Doug Armstrong is not going to be slow to react to the post the off season like his team was during the bubble postseason army doesn't take too long to get going this effort pretty fast and he just He's always got something in man. So look I'm almost hesitant to say this absolutely means they're going to bring back portray Angelo because you just never quite armies up to however I think that's priority number one and I think that's why we saw the trade the blues have of course the. Kylie. Of Jake Allen You can't say enough about what kind of teammate he was and what kind of man he was when Jordan Bennington kind of became the number one he coulda powder demanded trade. He could have been a bad teammate. A lot of people would have and he didn't he helped Jordan Billington along he played well, the blues turn to him and he was a consummate pro and that's part of the reason the Canadians were interested in him back up their starter in it's fascinating. We're seeing the Canadian spend a ton of money. On goalies in a time where Doug Armstrong who has been a very big proponent of this notion of having to goalie kind of set up in order to win saying look it's kind of it might be something a luxury. We can't afford in a salary cap year of that has the captain grow and we're stuck at eighty one and a half million and

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