How to Get More Podcast Listeners


Welcome to another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric Su. And I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about how you can get more podcasts listener. So podcasts are still exploding right now I definitely recommend everyone checkout just Google Edison podcast reporters at annual report that shows you how podcast are continuing to grow interesting enough throughout the spend Amick we actually we almost touch one point three, million in last month I don't know if you saw neil. So we'll do not were growing through this thing which is crazy. So more podcast listeners like kick it off I one thing that you can do. One thing you should do. This is basic. You have to be consistent most people give to easily most people are like after thirty days of doing it or sixty-two, even sixty days of doing it. It's like. Know I'm not getting much not getting much but you gotta keep going as long as you think you are learning as long as you think you getting better just like with the leveling up podcast I wasn't getting anything for the first two years. If you have the right goal in mind that you are here to educate yourself and learn more articulate to a small group of people that will continue to grow don't just come and be like, oh. These people have millions and millions of downloads I'll never be that way come with with that mindset you'll never get there. Yet you know an Eric if you look at his podcast, he did well, because he was consistent on top of that when everything your podcast promoted through all your channels, let people know about it and not just once let them know every single episode whether you want to push your content and do through emails or social channels. Heck wanting that we even do and you can copy. This is every time you're doing a podcast recording, go live on your social channels and that a hub bring more attention to your podcast and actually caused you to get more listeners as well. Yeah. repurposes much as you can kind of doubling down on meals point there's a service called repurpose house of repurpose house dot io you can use them I mean it's like two hundred to five hundred dollars a month but these videos like Neil I were were live right now but these videos can be recorded into small little social pieces and we can push it out in social sometimes. I'd do it, and if you don't have time for that. I recommend using an APP called Shuffle I. Think it's an it's called get shuffle I believe and you can make though transcribed for you and you could share to instagram stories. You can also do the same with overcast. So sometimes, I'll take fifteen minutes or fifteen second segments and I'll I'll push to stories but the point here is You, WanNa make the most of what you have and a lot of people. Now, everyone still at home right now, people are still down to do video interviews and you can just go further with beautyrest. You're finding a time why don't you make the most of it? And then another thing to keep in mind as you're oldies are goodies. So podcasting everyone folks on their latest episodes wanting to know is your old episodes can keep getting traffic that every game traffic google also is ranking podcast episodes end search now. So make sure you're putting them on a website make it easy to find so that way you can get the Seo juice from it, and also when you're listening to podcasts in the stores, don't show your latest ten episodes you're one hundred episodes showcase as many as they allow you to showcase because even the old wounds will still get searched and get traffic. As, well YEP and the other thing too is whatever hosting platform you're using podcast host pushes the spotify push soundcloud, push it to all these other channels because it's free to do it it's not gonNa take you much more effort dealer thing I'll add to that is if you're doing an interview podcast collaborating with people making it easy for them, maybe you give him a little tweet maybe you give them a little social image or whatever it is you decide but oftentimes whenever I do interviews someone and they promote it, it goes way further and the podcast grows a lot faster I found to be really effective.

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