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Officially September. The kids have been in school now for a week. My beautiful Katie just high school, and she was such a trooper. I was a wreck this first week, and she's just nailed it. I am so proud of her. Here's the next thing jumping from subject to subject just a bit. But this first week of high school, she had school pictures. This completely threw me for a loop. Does anybody else have that going on out there? For her entire elementary school experience, always had pictures easily, like 23 months into the year. Not quite sure what's going on with that there was a rumor floated that they do this first week of school photos because they're goingto do beginning of the school year Photos in addition to end of the school year photos sounds like a school photo scam. But I'm trying not to be crazy about that. I will keep you updated. If you have that thing going on as well, Lordy, I mean, we haven't even you know, taking the sticker off the whole idea of the year and here we are getting pictures. Anyhoo, So there's the first week of high school going on. Robbie is loving having a school all to himself. His kids are saying they're just getting so grown up. I can't stand it. It's amazing, anyway. We are officially in September. Labor Day. Phenomenal. Hope you guys all have a phenomenal Labor Day weekend. I had a goal for my Labor Day weekend because over the entire summer, I wanted to get this one bedroom finished this back guest bedroom. We don't use it for a lot of stuff, but we were having guests for Labor Day. And an overnight guests, and I really wanted to make it nice. It was time to get it done. I had a goal for myself. I was going to get it done during the summer. And I considered the day before Labour Day weekend to, you know, just under the wire.

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