Night Of The Living Dumb


I. When we last left out horrified heroes, they were in Egoyan New Japan in the year sixteen fifty, they were currently surrounded by Dr Steve's latest maniacal Mac and nation an acrimonious army of Ninja zombies while Dr. Steven Frigid Morbid Amusement nearby the blood-curdling Brigade Zombie staggers closer and closer to Dr Floyd Dr Grant and chips. What are we GONNA do Dr Floyd? And we have to make a pen according to my calculations. Thanks time every. minute. They are pretty slow moving not like those Sammy's in that one movie though zombies degrade I will not get into the slow versus fast moving Zombie debate here. Well, we have five minutes Oh we don't I want to get back and go trick or treating quick back to the ship. Let's jump ahead four minutes and thirty seconds, and we'll get this over with. NOBODY CHIPS BECK ownership in seconds. Our heroes are back aboard their time and space ship and they wanted again make a jump to Eagle Alina, Japan just four minutes and thirty seconds later. Once they reappear, they run down the ship's ran back to the same exact spots they were in moments which are now within arm's reach of the Ninjas on. See we saved ourselves sometimes. Making. John. Probably would have been a good idea. I TAC doctor. Mr. I'm not Dr Floyd this is just my halloween costume he's Dr Flowing. Heat. I just wanted them precise Ninjas on. What are we going to do? The only thing we can do in this situation Dr Grant? House our heroes stoically screen self-defense the lead Ninja, Zombie, Prius back to deliver a crippling coffee trump to Dhaka floor. When his hand makes contact with Dr Floyd shoulder there's a creaking sound and zombies on right off onto the drought. Not Degrade chips I know what to do now to defeat them what's that stench do? Trust me standstill our heroes Stan perfectly Steve. As they do zombies own back to begin their. As they attack however owns on their coats break east on's invades flying everywhere and you moments our views are still standing studio in a pile of dust and old Ninja rooms standing nearby shopped at what they witnessed is Dr Steven Bridget. My beautiful. Army of Ninja zombies go guess you up Lloyd what of these days I will succeed. Whatever US J. DR Steve? Come along? Let's get out of here. Should we go after them let them run. We need to get home and do some trick or treating or Hughes. Soon back in Dr Floyd's laboratory all set to go out and do the trick or treating last night's check candy bags. Looks like we're all set where's your costume Dr Flowing e-trade here help me put it on. Okay. Hang on our. Watch. My ears your arms through down. There we go. Okay. What do you think? I'm figure. Where did you get a sock? That big Dr Floyd? You know the basketball player Nate Thurman Healed me a favor. So you're wearing one of big nate's socks. Would Wash did I? That is disgusting. Come on let's just go no seriously I washed it heroes lockup the lab and head out into Saddle River city to go trick or treating where with their adventures take Dr Floyd in his cool next what evil plans could Dr Steve The cooking up in the dark of night and just what candies Dr Floyd hooping to his trick or treat bag this

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