Back to a time when a group of idealistic people


Build a new school right next to a housing project where the students would be almost entirely black and Puerto Rican. But these way parents came in and said No, no, no, no, don't build it there. Put it closer to the white neighborhood that way all our kids Khun Goto school together. They were Doggett thes way parents lobbying the city at meetings, writing letters. Saying. Don't build it there. It will inevitably be a segregated school and we want our kids to mix with black and Puerto Rican kid's from the projects. It's a decade after Brown v. Board of Education, they said schools should be integrated. There's an archive filled with letters where the parents wrote things like we don't want our white Children to be part of some quote, small white middle income click. The Board of Education, agreed change the entire plan and located the building where the white parents wanted it. A few years later, the school finally opened and then none of them sent their kids there. I

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