Weekly Candles A Plenty


Let's get into the markets because we say bitcoin do what I hoped it would do by having bullish candle the weekly. Cradle. To close up point seven percent loss way with a high of ten, thousand, five, hundred eighty, and that was basically putting a yesterday lost twenty four out session that we saw we did move above ten continues to be a bit level that democracy struggling with now are really want to say ten father. What if we can break above ten we'll have a lot better prospects a guy waltzed behold below we are above. Thousand which is good. I WANNA say ready smash out through that ten five eleven that weekly cried candle. Could certainly provide us opportunities if the cradle tried is in the potentially be tried that you might WanNa do to get yourself innocent bitcoin but breaks above the high that ten, thousand, five, hundred, ninety. Nine. The weekly high will be taken in its integrate spots. Thing is cost. We're all right now ten, thousand, three, hundred, and forty six, and we're has a relatively slow stopped the trading wake. But of course, it's still a over in Europe in the US. It's still Sunday and they're mostly all asleep so. Say what they come in and do as the is in session in the Australasian Oshii onic rage in hasn't done a great deal thus to die. Really. So yeah, I'm not really holding out too much on bitcoin rotten others night, trading -tunities if from my perspective. squat good enough amid a consideration tried I. Want Kinda with theory but we bombed out loss wake. Sorry, we bought him down this trend the week before with the law of three, hundred, seven loss. What we closed up three point eight percent closing at three, sixty six. It's pretty big candle on that wake, but it's calendar that wrought ragent area back into that cradles ended I like to work with and although it's flat on the Diet also isn't a great deal for me to do on the lower timeframe been a little bit. It's it's been growing high I. WanNa say it now push onto new hawes in this transcending the higher low and that needs to get US above three anti, we get above there we start to say mole momentum comeback. into the THEOREM price a lot more opportunity at that moment in three, sixty, five night currently south pay tell you what it's GonNa and then Austin small. The Lost Weight Goes Down to twenty two point, nine cents, and the high goes at twenty four point three, we get above twenty, five, point three knocking to see. His ex up having a real good run expectantly twenty four point two, nine point three percent onto to lastly bitcoin cash closed down two point full four it's not showing anything on the way Claes showman anything on the daily oil to pretty much five, thirty five. To Twenty, two, five, Like was lost wages a tiny bit point six causing at forty, eight, one, six did not so much activity last week with a low of forty, five, twenty one and a high of fifty one, thirty full really struggling with that fifty della Mach, which is obviously resistance that we've been talking about that for quite some time. On the shop, it's holding its ground it's not. It's not knocking it out of the park on site, but it's holding its Graham. You get above that high of loss wake of four, fifty, one, thirty, full bikes give it goes back about fifty we walk to work. We were down one percent of forty, seven, sixty seven right now. They, they closed flat on the way chemistry that for a very long time literally flat the High One, seven on thirty seven the low A. was one, fifty, nine, fifty. So a little of momentum start a little bit of. Volatility but not a great deal. It really does a pretty average right now that one point four percent at one sixty point nine, seven, cod Donald J little bullish channel right there in the weekly Ken cradle. It's some. It's not the best of the same going to be awesome. It's not the best looking. Sorry while I, all the best pulled is pulling quite David at he's touching that twenty period moving average and coudl four. If, we break the law I've lost weight and we're talking about a level of nine point nine night raw non-point nonsense. Clearly, ten cents is the level for Kudzanai to really break free for non-point for now, and there's not a great deal on the daily that interested in very similar to big break the high of of yesterday than they would a lot more work with a lot multiply within the better prospects moving forward. It's not there just yet and they'll have to wait and see what goes

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