The Skeptics Guide #792 - Sep 12 2020


So we gonNA START I'll tell you a story I. Love Stories I'll I'm already bored. Last time my wife and I are watching TV before bed. So it's late at night stark outside and our dog who you may or may not know his name. Sagan, his namesake and before we got him, we didn't we didn't. But anyway, he he is a good guard. Dogs will typically bark if things are on the deck, right? So we start barking and every time it's raccoons I've ever family raccoons that live in our near us, and they always come up to the deck to get the birdseed right? The bird food. Sparking, like cocoons back on the deck. So I go over there. It's like a sliding glass window onto the deck and I can't see anything with the light off. So I turn the light on to scare the racoons away and there are not raccoons on my deck. been a cat or a it was a black bear. Reese. Last night how big was it? Did you take a photo? We'll hang on. So it was. It was on the railing of the deck like it was doing an acrobatic act on the railing of the deck. It was had almost gotten into our suet like it bent the steel bar that was hanging from the must be strong. Awesome of Jesus that thing false teeth that's going to be bad. Yeah. We would die I. think if it fell off my hijab, any feet that's a twenty four. Yeah, would it really I I don't know when he fall I. Did they fall out of trees. I think I. Think they climbed down all terribly. So I took out my phone to take a picture but by the time I got signed into my phone and Blah Blah Blah open up the camera thing my dog had scared away. So they're very. Very skittish they're very timid creatures. They're beautiful of this was a beautiful beautiful animal I think it was like either it was a young female because there's on the smaller side for a black bear or was a yearling but it was like perfect. You know like there was no battle scars right thing. It was just a gorgeous animal. Yes. He he stared at me for a few seconds and then he jumped down onto the deck in my dog continued to bars we ran onto the stairs then he turned around and with looking at us from the stairs like can I go back for the food? Are they going to? Come up, but then he then he ran off. Made a risk benefit assessment brand I'll. This I looked up the statistics on black bears because there's been an increase in black bear sightings in Connecticut not dangerous. They're not dangerous at all. There are no braces. There are no cases of black bears harming people in Connecticut. Time recently. I looked up the number of reported sightings per town. So there's actually only a few in Hamden where I live this five, I reported numbers. Bob In new town where you live hundred and twenty. Bare site black bear sightings this year. But Steve One of the highest. Never seen one here on. We'll never tell mom that's therefore number that could that could be too bears with all those sightings. Yeah. Could be yeah I know I know sightings it's not it's not different bears. These things but the number of sightings probably relates to the density of the bears I would imagine. So it's more mainly in northern density of the people. Yeah can't be. Very populist. Happy. Yeah. We're we're surrounded by forest yet. Mom has just an unrealistic expectation of of what dangerous she's in. You're eighty three. Have you ever seen a bear in this entire area of Connecticut? No black okay. Is Not Dangerous. They're they're not interested in aggressive to people at all doesn't matter. She has a story. She has a story about her friend. WHO's GRANDKID was mauled to death by a bear and it's really she recently they're. Not In Connecticut. In Connecticut. Probably. Not, true. That's. Right I search like mom, I could find nothing on the Internet about that kind of big news as long as long. Meet Necklace you're. Right. So of course, this all this sites recommend taking down your bird feeders like I'm not doing I'm not taking my bird feeders. If the second time this is so he's tall black there on our deck a year ago and now, and now this year. So if you're not, if once a year bear comes out on my deck, who cares Great that's you're lucky. Yeah. That's nothing. If they start making a regular thing if they start regularly coming to whatever wherever you your source of food is if you're on your route, you definitely got to take it down. You GotTa do whatever you gotTa do because if bears become habituated to that source of food the also they'll lose their fear of people and of dogs and then they could become more aggressive well, and also they will destroy property to get they do yeah. They rip stuff update our strong they will. Break into your car like bears are awesome and they're smart. That's why when we camp in the SIERRAS here in California they're bear boxes which are these like lock boxes that you put your food in where you have to put your hand up under the hood in order to undo it and bear paws can't fit in there because they're are smart they'll figure out how to get into anything if you remember, we talked about the neuronal density item bears were. Really bears have a high neuronal density they're very smart. Smarter than the average bear. Nice April boot. Let's get to some corona news.

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