How Japanese Street Racers Created the Best Car Magazine Ever

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Kaku gasoline. Kogyo Gossioux is about cars is what? I thought did for a split second. I was like, oh. My God James is about to do the rest of that theme song in Japanese. Oh. Yeah. I just speak I speak Japanese. I see. Just. Everything you speak every language perfectly. So welcome back to pass gas everyone I'm your host Nolan Sykes joined as always by my co hosts James Pomfret Chug a Chug to. and Joe Weber keep it juiced. Dan. New One. Wow you're just like. God. Catch after. Catchphrase. Print money. Money. As I said in the INTRO WE'RE GONNA be talking about option magazine today admittedly a topic I don't really know a lot about I'm more familiar with their video content on Youtube that's made its way to youtube nowadays. But yeah, I didn't really grow up with this. I was more of a hot rod magazine kind of Guy. If you can imagine that do you guys know anything about option magazine? I you're going to ask if we know anything about hot rods. A lot of the story I'm excited to. Find Out and talk about it. But option. Option to is like the first really nerdy thing like the first like really car nerd thing that I did when I was, I was order Japanese magazines and videos off of Ebay. Because I am old and was in highschool before Youtube was a thing. So you. It wasn't like a subscription even for you is more like you had to find old issues ordering old issues me and my friend Nathan. Order old issues. And we were like what the? The pages go backward. I don't have I don't have too much context on it I. The only thing I know is from researching. For different videos and I think the H K s up to speed talk a little bit about it but I know about like Daijiro but only in the context of like the early eighties like trying to set. Speed records and stuff. So I know he's crazy dude. I'm excited to see like more of his history. He's the editor in chief. Yeah. I'm the editor in chief of donut. So sounds like pretty similar types of guys. He sets land speed records. I have a sixteen pound Golden doodle pretty similar. I bought a baby pool. Last weekend. Yeah. What to do with that baby pool? Who I wait till the sun warms up and then I, lay in Baby poor record for. Longest Soak. Actually it's. It's it's too cold. Over me background that hose waters chilly Boyd's it comes from underneath the ground I just put my feet in it. Casey cocktail hour. Okay. Let's let's. Option. Actor Jonah Hold Digression about how I wish I had yard to put a baby pool into half cocktail hour but it's not so much. What option magazine covered that EXCITES US although we obviously love tuner cars and the JD M. Market. It's the way that option talked about cars that was most revolutionary.

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