Carson Wentz pummeled, Eagles suffer distressing loss to Washington


To say the least, the opener of the Eagles or their fans were hoping form K Y. W's David Graham joins us Live talk about everything that went wrong against Washington. Actually, David, we talked about everything that went wrong, You'd be here, you know, Still a week from Tuesday, right? Hello, Dave. Hey, Brandon, Well last year in the in the Eagles came back against Washington from the 17 Nothing deficit this year, they called up 17 Nothing. Lee's started out as a celebration for Eagles fans of the 2020 season. And it has turned into a nightmare. Meryl Reece called 27 17. Lawson, w. P, and one of the reasons yesterday happened, Carson went back eight times behind an inexperienced offensive line definitely didn't make me skittish. You know, some of those things I gotta clean up might had open guys that I could get rid of the ball quicker. Doug Peterson said. The sax can't happen to head coach called 42 past place to 17 run, he admitted. The run game needs cleaning up a CZ well. Necessarily in game no for throwing a run, and I just I just know that we're going to execute the play called and do our best. Tio try to score the Los Angeles Rams or next. So this is one game of a long season and No, That's what we're gonna we're gonna focus on this week and Brandon last night. The Rams beat the Cowboys already. Thank you, Dave. On the

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