Episode #49: Direct Connections - Jonny Mopar (Part 1)

Talking Mopars


Because I had never seen one of these trucks in real life other than this one, the guy got the dust from. and. I never seen one even on. Until this guy posted his. So of course I hit them up like. GotTa tell me about these things because I was thinking. Low production they do it certain years or whatever because I had thought it was seventy nine that I had seen and then seeing his which was a seventy nine and then I went online and I was trying to look at pictures and you see some with seventy three grills seventy, two, seventy, three grills you know it's kind of all over the map but you know how easy it is for those trucks to swap grills around on you kind of have whatever you want you know. So I. Hit him up and he he claims he's not much of an expert on them but this guy knows way more than I do and I think he had three of them. So he knows quite a bit but he was telling me that they made those trucks. It was a seventy four only and it was from January. to May is the only time they made those trucks. So if you see one, that's got a grill other than a seventy, four grill, it's it's been re grilled basically. Pretty Awesome truck and the reason I wanted to talk about details. We talked Last time you were talking about how wide the MO- par you know genre is you know from turbo four cylinders, two cars from the fifties and the Max Wedges, and you know you wanna hit on every one of these of subculture John Genres of Mo- par and. I think the dodgers are. The dodge trucks are probably one of the. Most unappreciated trucks as far as the general population you know as far as people out there like see tends. F one, hundred's they got really popular even even the sweat lines it seems like the swap lines have gotten really popular, I mean. In my day, those were the ugly ducklings. Nobody will touch swept line. You could get those trucks all day long for a hundred bucks or less you know and. The Tin, the tin grills, they just still haven't really come into the spotlight in my opinion. You know. I mean there's definitely a subculture out there where you know you and I are on. The Tin Grill Group in it's like these guys are all core and they love the trucks of course. But as far as the general public, it's still has yet to. The light has yet to be shown on them but. So anyway I thought. How cool. Would it be to talk about the TIN grills Story so offered. 'em Talk about that ramp charger. Rare nece. Get into my, power wagon. Yeah, you know the thing about dodge trucks. That I've come to realize that. Compared to Chevys and fords the production numbers were just so much lower and I think that has a lot to do with it because. I mean for every. Ten F one hundreds or F. One fifties or you know Chevy see or s tens. You know UC one, dodge you know as far as ten grills and even the plastic grills Would you say that called the first Jen's? Yeah. Would you say that? Are you saying that today like? For every ten see tends you see see one ten grill in today's time. Yeah. I would be I would actually bet on if you looked at the production numbers for, let's just say.

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