Indian Matchmaking w/ Pranav from Bed-Stuy (Pranav Behari, MangoBae)


Asian ventures so So. So. So far. Five Asian guys together got. Stealing, place. Everyone. Maybe. You can look me up I don't. CARE. Hey welcome back to a special episode of as not as in podcast to Asian guys podcast Asian guys off major talk about making issues. No American cares about Ivanhoe's Ave and I'm Mike Napoleon today is August one and the reason why special is because this is what we're recording I three podcast today. so forgive us if our voices raspy or whatever. Second A of Dick I'll tell you that much. Are a lot of podcast Dick and this one is special because we just wanted to. I love that recently more Asian Shit is becoming part of the Cultural Zeitgeist I. Fucking Love It. Because that means we get to have strong opinions on things. A Lotta times we're watching media guy be like man do I really have to have a strong opinion on the bachelor? I don't give a fuck what happens it is fucking pile from Texas I. Don't give a fuck. He can get hit by a bus it doesn't affect my life. But now there's people who look like on. TV and I actually give a shit and so this is a special episode dedicated to. We hope you're watching Indian match making a mistaker. Gang Netflix. It's right up there. I. Think they're serving it up to everybody like pretty up high I would imagine it's been. It's been making the rounds and it's been. It's been cool. What I liked about having more. Different Cultures People caller whatever Asians Asian is like now we can start getting to the good stuff. For a while we had to like stay pretty high level with like Boba jokes and stuff like that. We can get to Oh. Hey don't you know we also beater wives? Let out. There are some other and. Second family. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's so it goes crazy which Asians and crazy which Asians to sick and family. That's the one that. So now we're getting into the act that other stuff that's that's what I'm liking but people don't know a quick. Hit. Him Hit him books ops this. It's a reality show and it's about a an Indian matchmaker. She is just it's. It's kind of like a dating reality show where except that you know there there's a matchmaker there who's trying to put together. Couples and. They kind of walk through the whole process they talk about how? With with with Indian matchmakers you find. Everybody has kind of like a dating resume they call it a bio data and it's A. Jump, in like they're. Very quickly, so they've the. Dating resume, it allows people to match each other up arranged marriages. The way they've started portrayed in the show is I. It's not like you have to marry them but. There's a strong amount of pressure. There's a lot of pressure from the families. You can say, no and it doesn't always happen. You do have to you get to choose. You can also have to what is called love marriage like regular. We consider a regular marriage, but it follows a couple of different people and it's it's a really good show it as far as like being a good reality show that was one thing I noticed was that like they're really good like this person is the villain. There's a person who's Ville and you hate and there's a person who was like a princess who you love and you're like, oh, I can't really hope hope she's Ok and there's another guy with a flaw. Might I add a princess who with a flaw who like? Oh my gosh. But if she only knew that she was beautiful on the inside also on the outside because he's hot. But Then, there's like other characters and it's it's really interesting and I grew up with a little bit of this. A lot of my friends were South Asian. You got a little hints of this. It wasn't like in your face, but it was like something that was like normalize. It was kind of like there was this was an option, right? Right right. So yeah, I think what makes us show pop and it's really all over the Internet right now is that people just you know again it's like people don't know much about other cultures because they're not on. TV. So for the first time we're getting. We can talk about this. I imagine this is like a fairly maybe I hope it's a fairly accurate picture of like what happens in matchmaking at least the attitude of it and you know it's funny because it's about matchmaking. This show makes MTV next look like blues clues because. Bro The way they fuck in roast these bachelors because on MTV, next, guy comes out of out of a bus, which is already like super unattractive because on a fucking bus, he comes out of the bus and go be like sorry I'm not into jocks but in this one, they're like, Sarah. Into, the wrong family like it's insane like your whole existence is incorrect right? So that was like I. think that was like shattering. I also wrote down that like I feel like Indian people talk about skin color the way white people were they wanna talk about skin color. No No. Beating around the Bush like you are not skipped it up I'm so sorry like it's so fucking blatant that it's actually kind of refreshing. It's like Oh. Okay. I don't know people are allowed to. Twenty twenty everything is so fucking pc right now. Right. So like the way they just they're not embarrassed about it. So I thought that was definitely interesting and want to get our guest on this. So I'm so excited to bring him on he is the. COHO CO host having a little Asian moment they're cutting co host of the hilarious pockets Kobe. Also comedian in New York City. He is. Everybody. Please welcome pornography from bed stuy. Upper that's like up from. To find it real, find the racism refreshing. You know I also find the racism very refreshing but like finally finally, color ISM is on TV it's back. To come back through Indians but we're bringing it back. NETFLIX's found a way to bring it back into the culture. I, saw a lot of people commenting I forget it was the video. Sama made, but you guys made some jokes about like how I think You know he's making fun of the characters like, okay. To be to marry my daughter do you have to have a good job? You must be over six three and dark skinned. You'll die alone right like it was. A lot of Americans were like dude for Real I could not believe how often that came up and how direct they were you know like is is that like how reflected I just WANNA understand like you've seen the show obviously how reflective of it of extra what's actually happening over there and like your knowledge about it This is the nicest version that you find. That's the thing about it. That's what people look. Here's the thing is like Indian American like this isn't representative. You know there's a better documentary on HBO. There's queer couples I'm like, Bitch. Shut the fuck off. That is not what's happening in India. Straight up straight up feudalism. Okay. When it comes to the arranged is like. It's very accurate. Their highest height. Okay.

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