Drinking is Expensive


Hi Everyone. Welcome to recovery happy hour where we talk about life beyond the bottle and what happens after we stopped drinking I'm your host Tricia and in almost four years of not drinking I've saved over twenty grand. That's enough money to buy either a used Honda civic or two, thousand, two, hundred and twenty four packages a frozen meatballs from Ikea. Thank you for joining me. Guys drinking is expensive and that's the topic of today's introduction. Drinking is expensive. I, have a tracker APP on my phone that tells me how much money I've saved by not spending money on alcohol and today it says twenty, thousand, three, hundred and seventy dollars. But I think that number is actually a estimate and that it could be closer to about twenty six thousand dollars, which is just nuts. So a little back story when I quit drinking also owned business that I had just put a bunch of money into to expand our kitchen space that we were in. That's actually one of the reasons why I got sober because I was about to take on this huge project and I knew that I wouldn't survive if I kept drinking the way that I was drinking. So I started getting into recovery and spent my first full year learning how to not drink. I ignored a lot of the rest of my life. You know I, let my debt continue to build without. Really thinking that much about it. I kept working on business and I learned how to be sober. That was my number one priority in after your one when not drinking was my new normal I poked my head out of the sand and I realized that even as someone who considered myself as a highly functioning alcoholic and fairly responsible I had neglected some major areas of my life, my finances being number one. This is also a reason why I think that year two of sobriety is sometimes harder than the first year because usually have to do a lot of cleanup. The new shiny feeling of early sobriety wears off and you got to learn how to just live your life now. So I continued to work my ass off on a business try to be financially responsible but by year three of sobriety I realized I was on the way to needing to close my business. There are a lot of reasons behind that. That aren't super important to get into. But what is important is that closing a business especially one that you can't sell it takes a lot of difficult decisions to do. It is responsibly as possible when it comes to finances. So in between consumer debt and business debt, I have been plugging away at this giant number for close to four years now. I've had a second job for almost two years I changed careers late twenty nineteen. I lived with my parents for a little while which had its own set of challenges. But still is an opportunity that I was incredibly grateful for. And I closed my business at the end of last year I started a new job and I continued to chip away at the debt. You know thinking back when I was drinking wasn't just about what I was spending on booze. It was also about what I was spending money on when I was drunk Nordstrom. Saw Me at my worst. Also, what I was spending my money on to help myself feel better when I was hung over again Nordstrom saw me at my worst and I have the designer shoes election approve it. It was the things purchased online in a blackout. It was all the Times I said August this round when I, was happy hour with my friends blissfully ignoring the fact that I couldn't afford that next round it was the last hours spent being hung over not being able to be a productive human being you know not working not coming up with new ideas not contributing to the world. I. Dug myself into debt financially. And emotionally and physically and spiritually I mean. Alcohol puts you into debt in more ways than you ever realize I was basically in the red in always possible. But as of this past weekend. I in finally debt free. I paid off my last payment on my credit card. My business is behind me a completely closed chapter financially, and as an unmarried woman who lives in my single income household. This feels like a really big deal that I've worked incredibly hard for. But. I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now how they not stopped drinking.

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