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Chris Welcome welcome to another episode of. Ask The guys here. We have a title. So here we are. This is what I would we do. Five or six other episodes like this before it's been a while and well we've done. One and people have been asking so you are again Chris is. Chris Irvine. On that nailed it the Kitale tallest. Trying to new break out a little bit more and changes named you just name. We talk about so. Talk about what you're stuck. We'll talk about it off off off Mike. Be Out. We're GONNA. Talk about stuff. Hopefully, not everything Joseph's. Chris's our resident expert here. BIA curiosity so cuny time. This one is about supplements if we got a lot of questions about. Settlements how to use them when to use themselves. Fire him off to see. We have all right so first question we have is from Heather N. and the question is should I supplement with Melatonin? If I'm having trouble sleeping so I would say no, and we can this. This is in my newsletter couple of weeks ago I. Don't know if you read that, but tour down a little bit. MELATONIN has its place. It is a precursor to a letter to the. Is Naturally secreted by your brain anything that's naturally secreted by your brain. I'm not a huge fan of. Taking Sasha Sisley. This is actually if you look at it, it's the only hormone that you can get without a prescription. Technically. Hormone your body. It's the only way you can get without a prescription interesting, yeah! I mean I. think my thoughts with Milton I think the answers that depends because I think it depends on. If you are living a lifestyle that allows you to produce it naturally so I think if you're a night shift worker, or you're somebody who is able to. You know if you're not, it's not the first step you should take if you're having trouble sleeping so I if you if you're not checking the boxes. With you're trying to improve your sleep quality then you shouldn't be turning Melatonin, but if you are work your work, circumstances are living circumstances. Have you in a position where you aren't going to be able to produce a lot of Melatonin? Naturally then I think you prior getting good sleep is going to be important, and if Melatonin can help that I think it can be a good song. Yeah, so the question is what is melting do and how is it? Producing one is produced by the body naturally. Melatonin essentially just tell you about it activates cascade of different Newark. Chemicals screwed that basically tell you buy. It's time to go to sleep. At screened by Pinal Gland I believe. And it is. Associate with a lot of things, light is major one. So what happens is most people don't. Fall Asleep with the sunset right and so the sun normally go down in all human history, and for every other analysts happens. By starts up regulating melatonin. melatonin sort of master switched. Those tells the rest of your body's going down and shutting down for arrest. When this doesn't happen. Can Be hard to go to sleep, and only that cannot stop you from getting into different stages of sleep as fast as you normally would, so you may be unconscious, but that doesn't mean you're getting the restorative sleep that you normally would so. Why is this problem? While people are after the sun goes down, they're exposed to blue light on their screens fluorescent lights in their house. The suppresses Melatonin production. So if that's the case, you have no other option. Maybe it's a good idea to take it I would take it regularly, but it at the same exact time. You shouldn't be producing it all over the place, so it shouldn't be off the map like. If you're taking Melatonin and you taking it one eight PM. One at ten PM. One and seven PM. In place you basically telling your brand that you're traveling in time zones back and forth and back and forth so I would focus far more on this is a last resort, and for special circumstances moving which we can get into, but the number one thing that I do when I go somewhere as If I have blue light, blocking glasses I blue blocks. and. There's a bunch out there. That's the ones I prefer. If I can't control the lights on my house. I've liked that dim when the sun sets and turn red and orange, after the sun has set, so those are wavelengths that do not. Suppress, Melatonin and this why the lends them blue light blocking glasses, the sandy fill blue light. You think about it like if you're outside at a campfire. The Ladies Very. Orangish, Yellowish Reddish Hue, there's very little to no blue light in there, so that's all from the sun so. Removing that from your day to day, life in is consistently as possible so that way you're not getting these weird signals of your body that you're switching time zones against another completely natural thing for humans to go through. That would be a huge thing, but I think there's a Lotta other things why people aren't getting good sleep, and so assuming that it's because of your lack of Melatonin production is i. think a little silly I think that you could look at. Obviously light is a huge one temperature of your room and then. The ability for light the in your house from. Blue. Blue. I'm trying to your. Shades. blockers no time. Look. light-blocking shades trying to say here. Oh blackout curtains blackout. So those are a good thing, and then we have lights actually if you're in a city where there's a lot of additional light, yeah, we have then lights that turn on the sunlight. One Sunrise should be happening. So this is another. Thing that happens. Has People Get Blackout Curtains? And then they don't wake up to the sun, which is again? In the wrong direction, so we actually have lights that turn on. As the sun rises locally, so you can just do all this stuff is super easy, Philips. Hue Lights, but we have. Great and Eating Super Close about times and I WANNA. Thank people you way too close to bed. I put at least three hours before you try to shut down and mental stimulation is also too much, so people are worried about this at that looking at the news. They're watching TV. They're just in. There had even hanging out with friends like I've done last couple of nights. You know people talk. Nine nine thirty s usually go to bed then I get home and it looks super stimulated. I can't sold out for a couple of hours. There's a lot of reasons why people wouldn't be able to sleep or feeling Russ restless. Having lack of militant brushes by news worry about? Your thoughts here. Will agree with that I. Think the the two things I would add to. That I agree that like I think it's a last ditch. Thing that you need to try. There's a of other things you can get in check with your environment and with your health habits before you need to turn to that supplementation. Do things I would add for helping is. Sleeping with your phone either out of room, or at least face down or not sleeping with the television on. There's some really interesting research out there that even when your eyelids are closed in your sleeping, flashing lights can cause face shifts in your circadian rhythms that can suppress Melatonin production or ramp up cortisol in the middle of the night. Things like that so. That's can be as simple as having your phone facing up and it lighting up while you're sleeping. That can completely threw off your sleep. So I thought that was really interesting thing when I was reading that studies. That would be a big thing. To consider and then. There's there is some interesting research on Melatonin for neuro degenerative diseases where you know, it seems like as we age, our natural production of Melatonin starts to decrease in. They've done studies where supplementing with it in elderly populations really increases cognitive function. That actually just came out this year I. Think showing that so like you said I think it's either. It's either a last ditch effort, supplement or something used for very specific circumstances.

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