Media Molecule Co-founder Alex Evans is Leaving the Industry


A, bigwig media molecule stepping down. This is Marie Davis Andrea over at Games Industry Dot Biz Media Molecule Co founder Alex Evans has announced his departure from Sony Studio. After thirteen years at the little big planet and dreams developer the technical director said on twitter that he wanted to take a break from the game developed from game development and explore other opportunities. Quote a few months ago. I. Did a bit of lockdown inspired soul-searching decided to step down from dreams. deb To dreams fan take a break from game to have a career. I've. Been Lucky enough to enjoy since I was a spotty fifteen year old he his tweets read media molecules are wonderful place. I can't imagine making games anywhere else but I wondered what else old Fart like me could do in this world I've been in the game deb bubble. So long I'm not yet sure what's next, what's next or even out there for someone like me He also reassured dreams fans about the title. With his departure, seemingly having no impact on the current developments of the project. For anyone worrying about dreams don't. What media molecule are doing injuries at the moment is GonNa, blow your minds and though I'll miss them all. Are we cheering from the sidelines thanks to them for the thanks to them for the first thirteen wonderful years, and here's the media molecules next thirteen. The studio responded on twitter thanking Evans for his leadership friendship and everything giving media molecule. The team added we'll continue to be weird and wonderful as you've always wanted, and there's forever space for you on our Stream Sofa I actually inverted that but it's fine. I ever started his career in the industry at bullfrog before working at lionhead for six years on a six years as head of indeed, he co-founded media molecule with art director, Tony creative director Marquee, and technical director David. Smith in two, thousand,

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