Oversight Committee Seeks Answers Regarding Detention of Two Black Mothers on Washington, DC's National Mall


To know why Two black mothers were detained at the National Mall by Secret Service officers in the summer. Late July. Reports say. A patrol car deliberately hit the parked car at the time that India Johnson and Jazmine Winston we're setting in, along with their infants on Constitution Avenue. The officers reportedly surrounded the car, yelled pointed handguns at the women handcuffed them, then separated them for a time from there crying infants for 45 minutes, at least. Chairwoman of the oversight committee, Carolyn Maloney of New York, along with Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin and D. C delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton, calling the detention and incredibly disturbing incident through that him. They've now asked the Department of Homeland Security and Secret Service for more information about the incident. Stay tuned for 06 on double GOP

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