11 students dismissed from Northeastern for violating COVID policies


In in Boston, Boston, dismisses dismisses 11 11 freshman freshman who who gathered gathered in in the the same same room room for for violating violating Campus Campus school school distancing distancing guidelines. guidelines. W. B C. TV's Tiffany Chan now with details, Northeastern University, cracking down on large gatherings. Definitely, if your party at all you're gonna you're gonna get a fine school, suspending 11 freshman for violating their policy after they were caught in a room at the Western Hotel in Boston Wednesday. A spot doubling his dorms to prevent the spread of cold it. Oh, wow, I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't made my parents with the Wow I would not be in a good spot and the tuition is nonrefundable Parents would probably could have killed me at Northeastern is actively testing students and faculty to prevent a super spread out of more than 36,000 covert tests so far. They've totaled 20 positive cases. Students also had a sign off on the No party party policy policy on on and and off off campus campus Governor Governor Charlie Charlie Baker Baker is is urging urging college college kids kids to to stay stay away away from from the the parties parties as as tough tough is is that that Khun Khun B. B. Thie Thie University University is is testing each of those 11 students for covert, giving them the option to return for the spring semester. And

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