Los Angeles - Apple fire in Riverside County grows to 20,000 acres


From Riverside County into the San Bernardino National Forest. At last word, just 5% contained had burned at least 20,000 acres. National Forest Service TELLS Can exit the weather conditions should help the crews on the fire lines today are expecting temperatures to go down just a little bit and out here with 160 Freeze temperatures during the day. That's not saying a whole lot. Also the relative humidity they're supposed to increase slightly because we have a low pressure coming in up to 3000 homes in that area under evacuation orders or warnings. Riverside County Fire says it started after two possible arson fires were reported Friday afternoon in the area near Beaumont. Investigators are still looking into reports of a man seen running away and up near Gorman. This is a different fire l a county fire crews said They stopped the forward progress of that fire in about 200 acres getting strengthen

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