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My friend, Steven Kotler. Is a magnificent human being he is a New York Times bestselling author many times over. And, he has dedicated his life to understanding our optimal states of being. We call it flow, but there's it's really a spectrum of states from from being deeply embodied in. A meditative state to being higher than a kite. Are climbing wall or scaling amount, and were surfing wave. And I've I've spent so much time understanding optimal states of being. Because at the end of it, all at the end of the day. We are. We're wired to look for pleasurable. Experiences and it doesn't have to mean decadent or leisure. You know pleasurable experiences can be just simply being. Fully immersed in a project at work where you lose your sense of time and sense of self. And this is what? Our enthusiasm, this is where our enthusiasm takes us. When we are so excited and. Intrigued, and the word of the day is curious about something about an activity or subject or. A creative. Project we lose ourselves. And that brings US alive. That helps us to shift out of this. Just the drudgery of thinking all day planning all day to this delightful dance of aliveness. And you deserve that you deserve to feel alive. It's our birthright to feel curious. Enthusiastic. And it doesn't mean it has to happen twenty, four seven. But if it's not happening that much, then I encourage you to start looking at what you're curious about until I want to offer you today a quick exercise that I learned from Stephen and I believe that Steven learned from Mikhail check set me high, who is kind of our modern modern father of flow state or or or peak experience, and so this is a simple exercise in understanding what you are curious about. It's been hugely helpful for me and a do it probably every six weeks. oftentimes, I'll do it when I started new journal. and. I'll just start that journal with this exercise. So. Here we do here goes you WANNA list out the numbers one through twenty five. Put at the top. Things I'm curious about. And spend a few minutes and write down everything that you are currently. Curious about. And then they could be totally random things. Such as I. I did this exercise with a few a few people on my team. In my in my mental wellness business. We were doing this exercise because when you find out what you're curious about it really brings you alive and one of our our our love lease said, you know curious about UFO's and extraterrestrials. That is awesome. Right. So I could be so vague like that or random. What are you curious about? Right. down. Right down, and then the second step is to spend fifteen minutes a day or more. But let's start with fifteen minutes a day. Down a rabbit hole. Allow yourself to go on wikipedia. You know go down those rabbit holes by clicking on the links. Give Yourself. That freedom. To Google it. To research it to. Dive into some video or to buy a book about it. This is what keeps US sparked. Sparked and curious. And it doesn't have to be work related and it doesn't have to be enlightened. Right? It can be anything under the Sun. What are Hugh curious about? Right now.

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